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AT3 Tactical Donates 45-Degree Iron Sights to Marine Scout Sniper Platoon in Afghanistan


AT3 Tactical had a chance to help our troops by supplying 45-degree iron sights to a Marine sniper platoon in Afghanistan.

We honor the service of all the heroes serving our country, and it is truly humbling to get a chance to help them through a product donation like this.

Lance Cpl. Nat Small

We were contacted in late December by Lance Cpl. Nat Small, a former Marine sniper who recently served in Afghanistan. Nat is a decorated Marine veteran who earned the Bronze Star with “V” for his actions during a fierce battle atop an Afghan ridge in 2010.

He had tried out our 45-degree rapid transition sights IS-02, and he knew that this was something that could help protect his platoon that was still serving. 

"As a former sniper I watched a brother cut down by machine gun fire from a "surprise" target in Afghanistan," Nat said.

"He was unable to acquire the enemy fighter in his 12 power sights and I think this product could have changed the outcome. The mission has changed - Raids, house clearing etc. - and my entire platoon feels they could benefit from having them on their weapons - MK11's and M4's."

We consider it a privilege to help. Thank You and God Bless our troops!

Here are a couple of pictures of their newly set-up weapons:

One Last Tip

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