Black Friday Order Refund Rampage

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EVERY DAY from Nov 20th – 27th, we are choosing a random lucky order to REFUND. Get Your Order… FREE!*

Just place an order and you will automatically be entered to WIN!

Didn’t place an order? That’s OK, you can still win! Sign Up with your email below!**

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Anyone who enters the giveaway will sign up for the AT3 email list, where you’ll receive weekly emails from AT3 Tactical containing News, Special Offers, Exclusive Discounts, and More!

Two ways to win:

  • Place an order on eligible dates (11/20 – 11/27). Each day a single order will be picked at random to be refunded **Up to $500. Each order entry is only valid on the date when the order is placed.
  • Sign up for AT3’s email list. Each day a single email entrant will be picked to win $100. You only need to sign up once during the duration of the promo.


  • *Order Refund Prize(s): Grand total of the order will be refunded in the method of a Gift Card for the value of the order (max of $500).
  • **Email Sign Up: A $100 Gift Card will be given to the winner.

Winner Selection:

  • Winners will be selected daily, following the close of the previous days entry period. Daily winners will be notified through email.
  • Entry Period: Daily from November 20 – 27, 2023 (12am – 11:59pm CST)


Check this section every day to see the daily winners! All winners will also be notified through email.

Order Refund Winners: (Up to $500)

Name / Draw Date / State

  • Frank H/Nov 20, 2023/Ohio
  • Travis E/Nov 21, 2023/South Carolina
  • Rickey B/Nov 22, 2023/Texas
  • Austin H/Nov 23, 2023/Kentucky
  • Brett M/Nov 24, 2023/Tennessee
  • Francis A/Nov 25, 2023/New Jersey
  • Kit T/Nov 26, 2023/Nevada
  • Jose T/Nov 27, 2023/Texas

Email Sign Up Winners: ($100)

Name / Draw Date / State

  • Richard R/Nov 20, 2023/Arizona
  • Richard N/Nov 21, 2023/Wisconsin
  • Darrell D/Nov 22, 2023/Ohio
  • Marco L/Nov 23, 2023/Arizona
  • Walter C/Nov 24, 2023/South Dakota
  • Cory C/Nov 25, 2023/Delaware
  • Matthew V/Nov 26, 2023/Florida
  • Mike D/Nov 27, 2023/Kansas

Terms & conditions apply. Read our Black Friday Order Refund Promo Rules for more details.