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    The most important upgrade to your AR-15; your key to faster and more accurate shooting.

    AT3 Tactical is pleased to offer the new 1005 Tactical 2-Stage Nickel Boron Trigger. With a 4.5 lb total pull weight and a durable Nickel Boron finish, this trigger ensures a smooth pull and crisp break every time you squeeze the trigger.

    The two stages of this trigger consist of an initial 2 lb pull that brings you to a "wall", where the hammer and trigger are set to break for the shot.  After that, it's only a 2.5 lb pull to fire, helping you to make accurate shots with short resets in between.

    American Made Quality

    • All parts meet or exceed military specifications (Mil Spec)
    • Components are 100% Made in the USA
    • Quality packaging keeps components protected and organized

    Easy to Install

    • Quick and easy installation - can typically be done in 10 minutes using our detailed instructions. No special tools required. 

    Parts Included:

    • 2-Stage Nickel Boron Trigger
    • 2-Stage Nickel Boron Hammer
    • 2-Stage Disconnector
    • Trigger spring
    • Trigger pin
    • Hammer pin
    • Hammer spring
    • Disconnector spring

    About 1005 Tactical

    1005 Tactical is the new aftermarket brand of Schmid Tool & Engineering.

    Schmid Tool is best known as the premier manufacturer of mil-spec AR-15 fire control groups. From government contracts to the biggest rifle manufacturers – Schmid Tool triggers have been trusted in millions of weapons over their 60+ years in business.

    In 2018, Schmid Tool launched the 1005 Tactical Brand – with the goal combining world-class engineering and manufacturing with factory-direct pricing. For the finest quality triggers you can stake your life on, without the “big brand” price tag - look no further than 1005 Tactical.

    Check out this great video review from Brian at 704 Tactical!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Nice for the Price

    Put this in a new 6.5 Grendel build. I have some top name triggers in other rifles so why not try one at more than half the price, glad I did!
    I have tested it for about 20 min. and it feels very smooth and a clean break. Reset feels OK but like I said haven't fired it yet.
    Before any lube the trigger weight was around 5 to 5.5 lb; after using Brownell's action lube plus on the sear, disconnect and hammer it runs at 4.5 to 4.8 lbs. The way it is working at the bench I believe it can only get better with use!

    Thanks for such detailed feedback, Rodney. We appreciate it! -- LM
    Great trigger

    You won’t find a better trigger at this price period.

    Thank you for the feedback, Rick! We're glad you're happy with your purchase. -- LM
    Great trigger

    I have a S&W tactical addition M&P 15. I'm a fairly new shooter and have burned up a lot of time at my local 25yd indoor gun range. I immediately realized that the stock trigger was too heavy for me. So I purchased a 4.5lb polished single stage trigger. At the range, this trigger was great for quick acquisition drills. But soon, I wanted to try my rifle at distance, so I began visiting a friends farm. I was able to steady my chevron red dot with 7x magnifier well enough to get good groupings at 50yds. Beyond that, I tended to pull the shot just a little. Poor finger placement and shot anticipation. Not good. I purchased a 3x9 scope that seemed to help out to 100yds, but the fundamental problem still existed. Then I saw a youtube video about 2 stage triggers that convinced me to try one. Being budget conscious, I was looking for the "Absolute best bang for the buck!" After a few days of research, I decided on the 1005 Tactical 2-Stage trigger. Immediately after I installed it, I could tell that I wasn't anticipating the shot in my dry fire exercises. Also, at 9x power with a bipod and a stock sack, the cross hairs didn't seem to move as I pulled the trigger. So, I've said all of that to say, I'm now able to shoot a sub MOA group at 100 yds , with the right round. My best at 200 has been an inch and a half with my 16" barrel. I'm sure that when I buy a 20" bull barrel upper and a nice 6-24x50 scope, I'll be able to hang with anyone out to 400 yards and more.

    So, thank you AT3, for such an awesome product. Anyone should be able to shoot better with this trigger.

    Great shooting! We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience, Fulton. We're glad you're satisfied with your new trigger. We work hard to meet expectations like yours, we are really happy we hit the mark for you - AB
    Nice feel trigger

    Installed easy and feels real good. Will take a trip to the range this weekend to test out.

    John, we appreciate the great review. Glad it’s working out so far. We’d love to continue providing great service to awesome customer like you. Thanks again! - AB
    2 stage AR trigger.

    I like the design. I think it needs to use a 1/2 length pin to hold the trigger assembly together while you drive the real trigger pin thru. Without it I was having a hard time. Fortunately I had one from another trigger group I had bought. Was easy with it. As for the trigger, I like the 2 stage design. I use a lot of Rock River 2 stage triggers and this looks to be as good if not better. I have not had any real range time with it yet, maybe 50 rounds. It does work with AR-9 bolts that are cut for standard AR15 type triggers. For the sale price it was a heck of a buy.

    We appreciate you giving a heads up for other buyers regarding the pin. We're glad to know that you liked your new trigger, Mr. B! -- LM