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    For mounting Acog scopes that are originally designed to mount on the carry handle (ex the TA01 ACOG scope)

    Fits 3.5x35, 4x32, 5.5x50 ACOG, 1x42 Reflex (with ACOG bases) and
    1-6x24 VCOG.

    Mounts optic to picatinny rail with two thumbscrews.

    Weight = 4.0 oz.

    Overall Length = 3.50 in.

    Height of Mount to Optical Axis:
    3.5x35, 4x32 and 5.5x50 ACOG = 1.535 in.
    1x42 Reflex (with ACOG Bases) = 1.506 in.
    1-6x24 VCOG = 1.535 in.

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