Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger Body for Glock Gen 3 and 4 Pistols

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Ghost Inc., Edge, 3.5 lb, Fits Glock Generation 1-5, Drop-In

Ghost Inc. Edge Lightweight Trigger Connector for Glock Handguns - 3.5LB Gen 1-5


Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger Body for Glock Pistols

The Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger Body for Glock Pistols is an exceptional upgrade that can greatly enhance the performance and functionality of your Glock firearm. Crafted with precision engineering and constructed using high-quality materials, this trigger body offers a noticeable improvement in trigger pull and reset, resulting in enhanced accuracy and faster follow-up shots.

With the Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger Body, you can optimize the performance of your Glock pistol to its fullest potential. Not only will you experience a smoother and more consistent trigger pull, but you’ll also benefit from a quicker reset, allowing for faster and more precise follow-up shots. This can be especially advantageous in competitive shooting scenarios or self-defense situations where split-second reactions matter.

So, whether you’re looking to improve your accuracy, increase your shooting speed, or simply enhance your overall shooting experience, the Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger Body for Glock Pistols is a worthy investment that you won’t regret.

Glock 19 Gen 5 includes Apex Tactical trigger kit, Ameriglo 411 sights, and Holosun 507K - Legion Precision Weapon Systems




  • Brand: Apex Tactical
  • Model: Action Enhancement Trigger Body
  • MPN: APX102-112
  • Fit: Glock Gen 3 and 4
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Color: Black

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