Viking Tactics Adjustable Sling for AR-15

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Arisaka Defense Quick Detach Sling Swivel MLOK Mount

Arisaka Defense Quick Detach Sling Swivel MLOK Mount


Bravo Company Gunfighter 1.25" QD Sling Swivel

Bravo Company Gunfighter 1.25″ QD Sling Swivel



Experience Enhanced Weapon Retention and Shooting Support with Viking Tactics’ Flagship AR-15 Sling

As Viking Tactics’ cornerstone product, the VTAC sling sets the standard for adaptable two-point slings suitable for patrol, defense, and sporting applications.

The innovative design transitions swiftly between various carry and shooting positions without tangling or binding. Easily adjustable on the fly for a personalized fit. Resin treatment strengthens the durable nylon construction to withstand abuse.

Unlike most competing tactical slings confined to just carry duties, VTAC’s design excels as both a resilient retention strap and a supportive shooting sling for enhanced stability. No small feat for a product safeguarding freedom around the globe.


  • Brand: Viking Tactics
  • Model: Viking Tactics Sling
  • Material: Resin Treated Nylon
  • Sling Type: Two Point

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