Adjustable AR15/AR10 Gas Block by Wojtek Weaponry – 4 Sizes Available

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Finally, an affordable adjustable gas block in 4 sizes: .625″, .750″, .875″, and .936″.

We have a fit for every barrel!

AT3 is proud to carry adjustable gas blocks from Wojtek Weaponry, giving you an affordable upgrade to your rifle’s gas system. These gas blocks are fully adjustable, regulating the flow of your rifle’s gas impingement for improved reliability and longevity. Whether you’re adjusting a new AR pistol to prevent over-gassing, or custom tuning a precision rifle’s action, these gas blocks will make all the difference in your new build.

These gas blocks also clamp onto the barrel, improving barrel harmonics and accuracy over gas blocks that use pressure directly on the barrel with pins or set screws. It is recommended to use a removable thread locker – such as Blue Loctite – on the set screws that tighten the block around the barrel. Do not use thread locker on the adjustment or locking screws.


  • 4 sizes available: .625″, .750″, .825″, and .936 (.750″ is the most common size, but always measure the barrel if you aren’t sure!)
  • Low profile design, perfect for any free-float handguard
  • Steel construction (better than aluminum for withstanding extreme temperatures)
  • Secured using 3 set screws to clamp the gas block onto the barrel, increasing accuracy over pinned or set screw gas blocks
  • Gas tube roll pin included
  • Compatible with AR15 and AR10 platforms
  • Allen wrenches for attachment, adjustment, and locking set screws are optional but highly recommended.

Sizes as follows:

  • Adjustment screw = 5/64″
  • Side locking screw = .05″
  • Attachment screws= 3/32″


  • Material: 1018 Steel, Black Nitride
  • Length: 1″
  • Height: Sits 3/8″ off of the barrel (fits under all free float handguards!)
  • Weight: 1.3-1.8oz depending on size
  • Packaging: PE Bag

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How can I tell what size of gas block I need?

A: The gas block size is based on the outside diameter of your barrel. The most common size is .75″ (this is the military standard). If you aren’t sure – use calipers to measure the diameter of the barrel, in the area where the gas block sits. Or alternatively, you can try looking up the make and model of your rifle online for more details.

Q: How do I know if this gas block will fit under my handguard?

A: These adjustable gas blocks are as small as you will find on the market. They are guaranteed to work with our AT3 handguards, and they should be compatible with all the other handguards out there!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Mike Jones
Seems like it's going to work great

The block itself was easy enough to position thanks to the witness hole at the top and a very small drill bit. It seems like the 3 compression screws will Keep it very well secured to the barrel without using stupid thread locking compounds. Unfortunately for me the set screw for the adjustment screw is partially blocked by my hand guard so I will have to remove the free float hand guard every time I want to adjust it it seems. A minor inconvenience though and I look forward to heading to the range soon to see how it works. I purchased it because I planned on shooting both suppressed and unsuppressed on a 10.5" barrel.

Thanks for sharing your feedback! We're glad you're satisfied with your purchase.

Great Block, Great Price. For Sure Going In My Future Builds As Well

I've wanted to have the option of tuning my gas system in a build, so this time around I bought this .750 Adjustable Wojek gas block because the price was too irresistible when compared to many others out there. I really liked that this is a 3-screw clamp-on style installation. This block is not going anywhere. The finish is very nice and very clean.
Yesterday I finally got the chance to get out to dial it in on my new 7.5" pistol build in 5.56. Following the instructions, I closed the screw all the way and then backed it off 1/4 turn and it cycled perfectly for a while. After I was all sighted in I then played around at various distances on paper. During this time is when heat seemed to change my gas tuning needs. I was getting short strokes and failure to feed issues. After I backed off the screw another 1/2 turn everything ran great for the next 150+ rounds of PMC Bronze .223 and American Eagle .223.

Thanks for sharing your feedback! We're glad you're satisfied with your purchase.

Didn't fit

I bought the .936 one for my .50 beowulf ar pistol, which is definitely an uncommon build, so it did NOT fit the handguard. The handguard has a 1.295 ID. This was my first build, so it could definitely be my fault, however this is the only gas block that was claimed to fit ANY handguard that could work for my build. We had to do major trimming on the top and bottom of the block. In all, we got it to work. Works well so far.

So sorry to hear it didn't fit your handguard. If you continue to encounter issues, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're always here to help.

Larry Wade

Wojtek adj. gas block worked great! Great design, having line up "view hole" to aid positioning the block correctly on "no shoulder barrel." I will truly consider this gas block, when choosing one in the future on my next build. I have acheived better accuracy with clamp style gas blocks.

Peter Johnson

Adjustable AR15/AR10 Gas Block by Wojtek Weaponry – 4 Sizes Available

Thanks for the review! We're glad to have you as a customer.