XS Sights Inline Glock Rear Sight Gunsmith Tool


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XS Sights Inline Glock Rear Sight Gunsmith Tool

This specific Inline Glock Rear Sight Gunsmith Tool by XS Sights is for installing or adjusting rear sights on Glock pistols. This is designed to make the installation straightforward and to ensure proper sight alignment for optimal performance.

XS Sights is a company known for producing high-quality sights for various firearms, including Glock pistols. They often design sights with features that enhance target acquisition, accuracy, and overall shooting performance. Inline rear sights, in general, refer to a sight configuration where the front and rear sights are aligned in a straight line, providing a more intuitive and natural sight picture.

The GUNSMITH-Series sight tool bolt and front sight tool are equipped with magnets to prevent drops. The magnet in the bolt head secures the multi-function use T-handle while installing rear sights. When installing front sights the magnetic hex bit securely holds the Glock front sight screw in place for a drop free install process.

When using any gunsmith tool, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure proper installation and adjustment. The goal is to achieve a reliable and accurate sight picture, which is crucial for accurate shooting.


  • Tool Life Span: 200+ Installations*
  • Kit includes professional grade sight pusher
  • Multi-function handle / magnetic steel Glock front sight tool
  • Fits all Glock OEM and Aftermarket slides
  • Glock MOS Compatible – Install sights with optic mounted on pistol
  • Non-marring brass bit prevents scratching sights or slides
  • Built-in Centering Scale – 1/16” scale
  • Bolt Thread Pitch: 1/16” – 1.5 Bolt rotations equals 1/16” of travel
  • Designed and Manufactured in Fort Worth, TX

Gunsmith Series installing rear sight


  • GUNSMITH-Series Inline Rear Sight Pusher for Glock Pistols
  • Multi-Function Handle / Magnetic Steel Glock Front Sight Tool
  • Locking Wedge
  • Lucas Oil Products® Extreme Duty Gun Oil (0.135 FL. OZ. / 4ml)
  • Vibra-Tite® 131 High Strength Threadlocker (0.06 FL. OZ. / 1.8ml)

Adjusting Suppressor Height Sights



  • Brand: XS Sights
  • Model: Inline Glock Rear Sight Gunsmith Tool
  • Fit: Glock Slides
  • Use: Installation of Rear Sights
  • Material: Steel and Brass
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Color: Black, Gray, and Bronze

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  • We will replace the product if the product becomes damaged in any way and if the tritium stops glowing before prior to 10 years.
  • Tritium equipped sights can be replaced at a steeply discounted price after 10 years.
  • Tritium is regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and sights containing tritium may not be disassembled by anyone other than NRC licensees.

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