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    Tips and Tricks for AR 15 Parts and Accessories

    Below are some great videos that show how to install various AR 15 parts and accessories 

    AR-15 Triggers

    AR-15 Furniture Kit



    How a Mil Spec AR-15 Trigger Works

    Here's an overview of the function of the AR-15 Mil-Spec trigger - how the trigger works, the components of the trigger, and some ways to improve the function of your Mil-Spec AR trigger.

    AR-15 triggers are critical portions of your rifle, as they control the firing of rounds and can have a big impact on your accuracy as a shooter.

    We wanted to make a video that shows “How” an AR-15 trigger works, more specifically the whole fire control group.

    Installing the Magpul MOE Furniture Kit

    Learn how to install Magpul MOE Furniture Kit. This is an AT3-Exclusive full furniture kit in multiple styles This furniture set contains 3 easy-to-install components - MOE mil-spec buttstock, MOE pistol grip, and MOE carbine handguard.

    Install Free Float Quad Rail

    This video shows the whole process - this is great for the "slim design" style rails like our 15.75" rail. This video is also great because it shows how to remove the sight tower and existing drop-in handguard


    The second video shows how to install the "monolithic" style rails like our 7", 10", and 12" rails (skip ahead to :47)


    Zeroing Iron Sights



    Stock & Buffer Install




    Trigger Install



    Assembling an Upper Receiver



    Assembling a Lower Receiver


     Another video on assembling a lower receiver


    Cleaning Your AR-15