AT3 Tactical AR-15 Heavy Buffers – H1, H2, and H3 Buffers

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AT3 Tactical Carbine Buffer Spring for AR15

AT3™ Carbine Buffer Spring for AR-15


AT3 Tactical 3-Port Muzzle Brake

AT3™ AR-15 3-Port Muzzle Brake with Crush Washer - 1/2x28 Thread for .223/5.56


Tune Your Overgassed AR-15 with Recoil-Reducing Heavy Buffers

If your rifle is throwing brass forward and recoiling sharply, you’ve likely got too much gas in your recoil system. Most commercially available barrels have an enlarged gas port to ensure the rifle can cycle lower-pressure loads and steel cased ammunition. For an ideal shooting experience, with reduced recoil and wear on your system, a heavy buffer is a perfect upgrade.

A heavy AR-15 buffer adds mass behind your bolt carrier group, slowing the velocity of your entire recoil system. Each buffer contains three weights, separated by rubber spacers. The weights act similarly to a dead blow hammer, reducing the amount of rebound when the bumper meets the rear of the buffer tube.

Which Heavy Buffer Do I Need?

Which buffer weight your gun requires depends how overgassed your rifle is. Typically, we recommend an H2 buffer to solve most issues in terms of recoil reduction and wear. For finer tuning a rifle that doesn’t necessarily have issues, an H1 is probably the right fit. If your gun is actually showing signs of damage from cycling, go for an H3.

If you want to learn more about buffers why these weights matter, check out our article on the subject!


  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Housing Finish: Hard Coat Anodized
  • Weights: Steel and Tungsten
  • Bumper: Rubber
  • Weight
    • H1: 3.8 oz.
    • H2: 4.6 oz.
    • H3: 5.4 oz.
  • Fits: AR-15 Carbine Buffer Tubes

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Customer Reviews

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Good buffers especially for the price

I bought an h1 & h2 in the same order. They have a nice finish and quality bumper, the wights appropriately move around internally to limit bolt bounce (i already owned an h2 buffer from another company but didnt trust it because the weight was like welded in or something and did not slide internally). The bumpers are different colors from each other but they are not the same color as pictured on the site. No big deal, except... these are not marked, so I had to hunt around for a scale in order to weigh them to find out which was which, if they were the same color as advertised I could've just looked them up on the site and it would've saved me some time & money. I've since marked them.

Thank you for your review and feedback! We are glad to hear that you are satisfied with the quality of our H1 and H2 buffers at a reasonable price. We apologize for the inconvenience with the different colored bumpers and lack of markings, but we are happy to hear that you were able to differentiate between them and mark them for your convenience. We appreciate your business and hope to continue providing you with quality products in the future. Thank you again for your review.

Kurt Murray
AT3 Tactical AR-15 Heavy Buffer H1

Very Nice Buffer - Works Great - Awesome Price! Would have given it 5* if the weight was marked on the end so I didn’t have to scratch it on for future reference. Thanks for the great product!

Jeffrey Brodine

Some of the new triggers available need to be nuanced to work properly.

Thank you for your review. We appreciate it!

michael gagner
Outstanding service

Great product highly recommend. Super fast shipping and great prices

Thanks for sharing your feedback! We're glad you're satisfied with your purchase.


Great product. Better than expected.

Thanks for sharing your feedback! We're glad you're satisfied with your purchase.