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AT3 Triggers & Lower Part Kits

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This trigger group is a simple upgrade that will improve the accuracy and performance of your AR. The Enhanced NP3™ trigger assembly features smooth, precision-machined engagement surfaces and Nickel Teflon coating that removes the grittiness found in mil-spec triggers and provides a cleaner "break". The trigger is functionally similar to a standard mil-spec fire control group, but with noticeably cleaner, smoother, and more consistent...

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$91.99 $108.99

Elevate the performance of your build with the AT3 Enhanced NP3™ Lower Parts Kit.  This premium AR-15 lower parts kit provides significant upgrades to some of the most critical parts - the trigger, pistol grip, and trigger guard. The Enhanced NP3™ trigger assembly removes grittiness and provides a cleaner "break", while the X-Tech ATG™ adjustable grip allows a configurable grip angle to suit your shooting...

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$58.99 $69.99

Exceptional value for your next AR build - the AT3 Mil-Spec Plus Lower Parts Kit. The kit contains quality, mil-spec parts to build out your lower receiver. It includes a standard A2 pistol grip, as well as an enhanced trigger guard that provides extra room in the trigger area. American Made Quality All parts meet or exceed military specifications (Mil Spec) Components...

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This quality lower parts kit excludes the two most commonly upgraded components - the grip and the trigger assembly (fire control group). This is the perfect kit for premium builds that include premium upgraded triggers like a Geissele. The kit contains quality, mil-spec parts and includes the selector as well as an enhanced trigger guard that provides extra room in the trigger...