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    => Troy AR 15 Handguards

    Troy® AR15 Handguards are tested and proven in some of the toughest military and police applications.

    There are 4 main series of Troy Handguards:

    Alpha Rail - Free floating one-piece handguard with a single top rail. Screws to existing barrel nut. Includes extra rail sections you can attach for extra accessories. Also available in "VTAC" style which has larger vent holes, and the "TRX" style which uses a proprietary barrel nut for .308 applications.

    Bravo Rail - Free floating one-piece handguard with 4 rails ( quad rail ). Screws to existing barrel nut.

    MRF Rail - Free floating two-piece quad rail handguard.Clamps around existing barrel nut. Main advantage - can be easily removed due to it's 2-piece nature. AR-15 and AR-10 versions available.

    Drop In BattleRail - Drop-in quad rail (not free floating). Lowest price and easiest to install but without the benefits of a free float rail.

    There are also a variety of handguard accessories available, like extra rail sections or rail covers. 

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