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    CMMG .22LR AR-15 Conversion Kits

    Spend a day at the range without spending a fortune!

    With the CMMG .22LR conversion kits, you can convert your AR-15 to a plinking setup in less than 30 seconds. These kits will pay for themselves very quickly. When you compare .223/5.56 ammo at $.45 per round versus .22LR for $.05 per round, you will pay for the kit after firing about 500 rounds (1 brick of .22 ammo!). Plus they allow you to shoot your AR at most indoor ranges!

    Choose between the Bravo and upgraded Echo kits, with one and three-magazine packages available. Ten round magazines are also available for buyers in areas with magazine restrictions.

    This video shows how easy it is to install the conversion:

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