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    Magpul Industries

    Magpul Industries Corporation is a Erie, Colorado-based manufacturer of firearms parts and accessories.

    Founded in 1999 by Richard M. Fitzpatrick, a Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance, Magpul has grown to become one of the most respected manufacturers of parts and accessories for the AR15/M16 rifles, and is used in military and civilian applications around the world.

    Magpul Industries gets its name from its first product, an accessory STANAG magazines that aided users in pulling the magazine out of its pouch, hence "Magpul".

    AT3 Tactical carries the full Magpul line, including the following products (in multiple colors):
    • Stocks - Several styles available, including storage stocks
    • Backup Sights - lightweight and durable MBUS sights
    • Magazines - PMAG - the most popular AR mags out there
    • Grips - Angled foregrips, pistol grips, and vertical grips
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