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    Geissele Triggers

    Geissele Automatics was founded in 2004 by Bill Geissele - a competitive shooter who set out to make the best triggers on the market.

    Bill worked with the Department of Defense to design the legendary Super Select-Fire trigger (SSF) - the M4 trigger of choice in the Spec-Ops community.

    This led to 3 civilian variations of the SSF (designed for semi-auto firing):
    • Super Semi Auto (SSA) - tuned for close-quarters combat with a total pull-weight of 4.5#
    • Super Semi Auto Enhanced (SSA-E) - Tuned for long-distance shooting. Same as the SSA, except with a reduced total pull weight of 3.5#
    • Geissele 2 Stage (G2S) - Same design as the SSA, but lower cost (no laser engraving, different pin set)
    These are combat-proven triggers and are widely regarded as some of the finest AR triggers ever designed.

    Want to learn more about AR-15 triggers? Check out our article AR15 Trigger Upgrades – Is it Worth Doing a Trigger Job on My AR?

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