Backup Iron Sights - AT3 Tactical

AT3 Tactical Flip Up Backup Iron Sights (BUIS) provide dead-on accuracy, superior durability, and the best value for AR-15 iron sights!

We have 3 different types of sights available:

Rail Height Flip Up Backup Iron Sights – Used when mounting your front sight on the same plane as the rear sight (like when mounting on a free float quad rail).

Gas Block Height Flip Up Backup Iron Sights – used when mounting the front sight on a gas block that is lower than the upper receiver where the rear sight is mounted.
45 Degree Offset Sights – Allows you to quickly switch between short and long range targets by just tilting your weapon at an angle – ideal for use with scopes.

Need help in choosing the best BUIS for your AR-15? We’ve listed the factors you need to consider when choosing AR 15 Iron Sights.