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    Sleek and lightweight, durable and accurate - the AT3 Pro Series Backup Iron Sights are the ultimate value in AR-15 iron sights!

    Accurate and Easy to Use

    • Standard A2 sight design makes these easy to sight in. Adjustable front sight post controls the elevation, and the rear sight features a simple knob for windage adjustment
    • Rear sight features a dual aperture - a large aperture for rapid target acquisition in close-quarters, and a small aperture for long-range precision shots.
    • Low-profile - sights fold down to only 7/16" height when not in use

    Durable Design

    • Lightweight, durable 6061 aircraft aluminum body, with mil-spec hard-coat anodized finish.
    • Steel mounting bolts provide un-moving accuracy. Recoil-tested hinge and secure locking mechanism
    • Backed by the AT3 Lifetime Warranty

    Simple Installation

    • Mount on any standard picatinny rail such as a flat-top upper and quad rail handguard
    • "Same Plane" sights - the front and rear sights must be mounted at the same height. These will not work with gas blocks that are lower than the height of the upper receiver
    • Add the optional front sight tool to make it a breeze to zero your sights! Save $3.95 when you add a Front Sight Adjustment Tool for only $8.

    Please Note - Since these are "same plane" sights, the front and rear sights must be mounted at the same height on the rifle. If you are mounting on a gas block that is lower than the upper receiver, check out our gas-block-height sights.

    For more information on selecting the correct sights, read our article on choosing the best AR 15 iron sight. 

      • Material: 6061 aircraft aluminum
      • Finish: Hardcoat Anodized (black)
      • Weight:
        • 2.7oz (Rear) & 2.2oz (Front)
      • Packaging: PE Bag
      • Mounts to: Picatinny rail

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 54 reviews
      Nice Product.

      This is my first build. They seem to be well made. I showed them to a friend who had built many and he was impressed with them as a backup. I'm sure once I get them zeroed in they will work great.

      Thanks for spreading a good word for AT3, Scott. We're glad you're satisfied with your purchase. - AB
      Pro Series Flip-Up BUIS, # IS-09

      AT3 tactical is one of the very few firearms dealers (that I've come across) that have the chat option which is great! the Pro Series Flip-Up bui sights are very well made and for the price are outstanding!, I only have 2 caveats: the up position needs to be fine tuned so there's no movement to the down position without pushing the button , also the clamp piece that the bolt goes through could be little longer, I stripped the back sight bolt trying to get it situated on the rail, (better the bolt than the mount. piece) and had to get a different one.

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Michael. Your comments were all noted. We'll continue working hard. - Alvin
      They work.

      These do the job. I’m not advanced pleased with them as I was the UTG sights for around the same price. I don’t care for the sight picture as much and the I saw the exact same ones for $18 elseware. Just my preference on they function.

      Get what you pay for...

      In general the sights are OK, I was happy with them at first glance but had issues with zeroing them.

      I installed them on a new build, same plane on the upper receiver and floating hand guard. The rail connections are firmly connected and all seems to be in general alignment but the rear sight had to be adjusted almost to its lefthand limit to true up and the front sight is fully against the bottom limits and the groups are still too low. Since they are backups I’m not overly concerned and compensate in my sight picture knowing it shoots low.

      Not Troys

      You get what you pay for. Sights do not lock fimly in the up postion.