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    Spend a day at the range without spending a fortune!

    The CMMG Stainless Steel 22LR Conversion Kit with 1 Magazine.

    This CMMG .22LR conversion kit allows the use of inexpensive .22LR caliber rim-fire ammo in your AR15. You can install this in 30 seconds, but just removing the standard bolt/carrier group from your AR and replacing with the the included .22 bolt device.

    This unit is blow-back operated and allows semi-automatic firing.

    The CMMG .22LR magazines have a bolt hold-open follower. This kit includes a gray-colored 25-round magazine. 

    Use with AR's chambered in 5.56/.223 only. Compatible with piston-systems.

    Frequently asked questions:

    Q: Does this kit work with a .223/5.56 AR-15?

    A: Yes! The barrel for a .223/5.56 is very close in size to a .22lr barrel - 3/1000" larger. This kit allows for shooting of a .22LR from a standard AR-15 upper. A dedicated .22LR upper can also be used, and it will typically increase accuracy somewhat. Most users report that this kit results in 3-4 MOA accuracy (1.5"-2" groups at 50 yards) with a .223/5.56 upper. Generally, the slower the twist rate on your AR-15 barrel, the better the accuracy with a 22LR round.

    Q: Can this kit be used with a dedicated .22LR upper?

    A: This kit can be used with a dedicated CMMG .22LR barrel, but you'll need to purchase this part, and swap out the collar on the bolt - this will convert it to a dedicated .22LR bolt.


    • CMMG .22LR bolt carrier group assembly (stainless steel for superior durability)
    • One 25-Round .22LR Magazine (fits in AR mag well)

    Here's a video that shows how easy the kit is to install!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Works Flawlessly with M&P Sport II

    I'm am really impressed with this kit. True drop in installation with no modification needed. I ran 200 rounds of Federal Automatch through it with no FTF or FTEs. Accuracy is comparable to .223 at 50 yards or less. Definitely will accompany me on every range trip in the future.

    Great service from AT3. I received my order in one business day.