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    Tired of swapping out parts?  Build the lower you actually want.

    This premium lower parts kit features our AT3 Enhanced Nickel Teflon Trigger, giving you the quality trigger your rifle deserves, and the flexibility to tailor your lower to your preference.

    This kit is great for any AR builder who wants quality components without breaking the bank, and pairing the pistol grip and trigger guard of your choice with our Nickel Teflon Trigger Assembly.  The trigger has a smooth pull and clean break unlike a standard trigger, which can be gritty and detract from accuracy.

    American Made Quality

    • All parts meet or exceed military specifications (Mil Spec)
    • Components are 100% Made in the USA
    • Quality packaging keeps components protected and organized
    • Backed by the AT3 Lifetime Warranty

    This Kit Includes:

    • Nickel Teflon Hammer
    • Nickel Teflon Trigger
    • Enhanced Disconnector
    • Hammer Spring
    • Trigger Spring
    • Hammer Pin
    • Trigger Pin
    • Disconnector Spring
    • Bolt catch
    • Bolt catch plunger
    • Bolt catch roll pin
    • Bolt catch spring
    • Buffer retainer
    • Buffer retainer spring
    • Magazine catch
    • Magazine catch button
    • Magazine catch spring
    • Pivot pin
    • Pivot pin detent 
    • Pivot pin detent spring
    • Selector
    • Selector detent
    • Selector detent spring
    • Takedown pin
    • Takedown pin detent
    • Takedown pin detent spring
    • Trigger guard roll pin
    • Pistol grip screw and lock washer
    • Detailed parts diagram included for quick and easy part identification

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    AT3 tactical outstanding product and ETA

    Thanks to you folks at AT3! I'm a first time buyer at your site and the ease of ordering and speed of delivery was astounding.
    I ordered the NP3 lower parts kit. I'm so pleased with the quality and value. The feel on this trigger is like I spent 3x more $. Nice work and what a great piece of "candy " in the set was the ultra solid adjustable pistol grip.

    I'll be back for more!
    Thank You AT3 TACTICAL,
    Bill Brya-Illinois

    Enhanced lpk w/grip

    Good fit and function will purchase again from at3.

    Great Company

    Shipping is prompt & Great products!!

    Great product

    Arrived quickly installed easily. Haven't tested it yet

    Good Deal!

    Purchased the kit to upgrade my Bushmaster's trigger, trigger guard, and grip. Parts fit perfectly and was easy to install per AT3's installation videos. Trigger guard was a bit of a puzzle initially as the allen screw was not evident at first and the video didn't include the detail needed to install the guard properly. A magnifying glass helped me see the allen screw was in the hole already and I just needed to tighten it into place. Now, with the adjustable grip, the rifle feels better to me and I have some spare parts. Good deal on sale, free shipping, and fast. Recommend this kit to others with an AR.