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    Upgrade your Charging Handle for Easier Operation

    The AT3 Tactical Extended Charging Handle Latch is a simple upgrade to any existing mil-spec charging handle. When wearing gloves, or when optics cover the charging handle, the oversized latch will allow quicker and smoother operation.

    Includes the latch, spring, and 2 roll pins. Easy to install - just remove existing roll pin, latch, and spring, and replace with the new parts. 

    The latch is durable steel with a phosphate finish.

    Backed by a Lifetime AT3 warranty.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Darrell D. Darrell
    Decent piece of kit

    I bought this as an upgrade for my personal patrol rifle, and so far I am very happy with this purchase. My agency let's us bring in our own gear (within reason), so this purchase is not just range/safe candy - I fully intend on making this latch earn its keep, and it will get beat on like a naughty house pet. I have attached a picture; please note that the finish on the latch is a darker phosphate coating than indicated in the image; this is a trick of the light/flash/sunlight reflecting off of Venus.

    This charging handle latch is a big step up from the stock latch. I really appreciate the positive, single-handed engagement the latch provides. It's big, easy to find, and seems solid. Since this image was taken, I have painted the back of the latch with a bright yellow, glow-in-the-dark paint.

    Installation was AR-15 typical, with a single subatomic 1/16" roll-pin holding everything together. The kit included the latch, a new spring, and (2) 1/16" roll-pins - definitely a bonus, because you just know you're going to lose one.

    Price was WAY awesome at $10. Shipping was very quick, as well.

    Overall, you are not going wrong here. These folks here at AT3 did a fine job bringing this latch to the market.

    SIDE NOTE - I have also included a picture I painted of the world famous actor Jeff Goldblum. It's a composite work, celebrating two of his masterpieces - the pose is from "The Fly", and the weather is from "Twister". I just thought the butterfly added a nice touch.

    - Darrell

    Thanks Darrell, love the review, and glad you liked the latch! The picture of Jeff Goldblum was a great added touch. We don't get one of those every day :) - Zac@AT3
    Ken Hackett K.H. Ken H.
    Nice attachment

    This is a nicely made, solid lever. Easily installed, it gives better ability to charge the gun when scopes have been added to the upper. Simply tap out one pin, replace the parts, tap back in the pin and you're done.