Ballistic Advantage 5.56 14.5 Inch AR 15 Barrel – Hanson Profile with Lo Pro Gas Block – Nitride

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AT3™ AR 15 Gas Tube & Carbine Gas Tube Length

AT3 Stainless Gas Tube with Roll Pins - Midlength


AT3™ AR 15 Gas Tube & Carbine Gas Tube Length

AT3™ AR 15 Gas Tube – Carbine, Mid, Rifle, & Pistol Length – Stainless

Dead Air Armament Keymount Flash Hider - .223/5.56 NATO - 1/2×28

Dead Air Armament Keymount Flash Hider – .223/5.56 NATO – 1/2×28


Dead Air Armament Keymount Flash Hider - .223/5.56 NATO - 1/2×28

Dead Air Armament Keymount AR 15 Flash Hider – .223/5.56 NATO – 1/2×28

High Performance Hanson Profile Barrel – Ideal for Pin and Weld

A 14.5 inch barrel can be great for a more compact rifle build, especially if you’re planning on attaching a suppressor.  This Hanson profile barrel features a more balanced contour than a typical government barrel, adding weight behind the gas block, and reducing mass near the muzzle.  This results in a rigid, highly accurate platform, with reduced barrel whip for easier follow-up shots.

If you’re planning to pin and weld, make sure you’re getting a muzzle device that’s long enough.  Measuring from the bolt face while in battery, the rifle must be 16 inches or greater with the pinned muzzle device.  The VG6 Epsilon 556 Flash Flash Hider, or the Dead Air Keymount Muzzle Brake are both solid candidates.  Be sure to check out our full selection of muzzle devices for one to suit your build.

All Performance Series Barrels feature a Nickel Boron Coated Extended M4 Feed Ramp Extension.  Hanson Series Barrels also include a lo-pro gas block and coil pin, ready for permanent and secure attachment. These barrels are not designed to work with aftermarket piston kits.

Sub-MOA Guarantee

Buying a Ballistic Advantage barrel means guaranteed accuracy. All Ballistic Advantage barrels are guaranteed to give Sub-Minute-of-Angle (MOA) accuracy with match grade ammunition.


  • Length: 14.5″
  • Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium
  • Profile: Hanson
  • Finish: QPQ Corrosion Resistant
  • Twist Rate: 1:7 inches
  • Gas System Length: Mid-Length
  • Gas Block Journal: 1.03″ Gas Block Seat for .750″ Low Profile Gas Blocks Only
  • Muzzle: 1/2×28 Threaded
  • Weight: 26 oz. (with gas block)
  • Other Info: HP and MPI Tested

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