Blue Force Gear Padded Vickers 2-Point Sling

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Padded Vickers Sling – More Comfortable for Carry

Improving upon one of the best slings for the AR-15, the Padded Vickers Sling provides additional comfort over the original.  This sling features 2 inch wide padded webbing, preventing the sling from digging into your shoulder, even when carrying a heavier gun.  This design makes no compromises; all the features of the original Vickers sling are here, it’s just plain better for long hikes and patrols.

Features a padded area at 2 inches wide for additional comfort


Upgraded and Fully Adjustable

While extra comfort is great, the core features of the Vickers Sling are even better.  The quick-adjust tab remains to be the biggest benefit, with a contrasting color for easy identification.  Pull the tab to quickly loosen the sling for freedom of movement, or tighten it back up for stabilizing off-hand shots.  You can easily switch how the closely you retain the rifle, even under pressure.

The Vickers sling doesn’t include sling swivels or other attachment hardware.  Both ends of the Vickers Sling feature adjustable tri-glides, so you can use your rifle’s built-in sling loops, or add more modern accessories like QD sling swivels. If you’re in the market for something to make your sling complete, check out all our sling mounts here.


  • Sling Webbing Material: Invista solution dyed Cordura
  • Sling Hardware Material: Glass reinforced DuPont Zytel Nylon
  • Sling Padding: Closed cell foam
  • Size: 1.25″ sling webbing
  • Padding Size: 2″ tubular webbing
  • Length: 57″ – 67″

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Duane Massey
Blue Force Gear Padded sling

Excellent quality.

Thank you for the review! We're glad you're happy with the quality of our padded vickers 2-point sling.