CMMG Mk3 .308 HD Extended Pivot and Takedown Pins

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CMMG Mk3 .308 HD Extended Pivot and Takedown Pins

Looking for improved pins for your CMMG MK3 platform or LR308 patterned AR-10 rifle? Look no further than the Mk3 HD Pivot and Takedown Pins. These pins are slightly longer than standard pins, which makes takedown much faster and easier. Additionally, the ends of the pins have a unique divot that allows for the use of a bullet tip without the fear of slipping.

Our pins are built with quality in mind, and they’re backed by the CMMG Lifetime Quality Guarantee. Order yours today and experience the difference that the Mk3 HD Pivot and Takedown Pins can make in your rifle.


  • (1) Pivot Pin
  • (1) Takedown Pin
  • (2) Takedown/Pivot Pin Detent Springs
  • (2) Takedown/Pivot Pin Detents



  • Brand: CMMG, Inc
  • Model: CMMG Mk3 .308 HD Extended Pivot and Takedown Pins
  • MPN: 38AFF31
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Fit: CMMG MK3 and LR-308/AR-10

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Gregory Hedrick

The perfect size for the ar10

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