Hogue Rifle Length AR-15 Free Floating Overmolded Forend

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Hogue AR-15 Overmolded Beavertail Pistol Grip with Finger Grooves

Hogue AR-15 Overmolded Beavertail Pistol Grip with Finger Grooves - Black


Hogue AR-15/M-16 OverMolded Collapsible Buttstock (Mil-spec)

Hogue Mil-Spec OverMolded Collapsible Buttstock - Black


A longer forend – great for long barrels but fine for standard 16″ barrels too. Go FF with the Hogue Rifle-length AR-15 Free Floating Overmolded Forend.

  • AR-15; Fits the AR-15/M-16 Rifle-length perfectly
  • Free Floating Forend with a unique 2 piece aluminum design; Improves accuracy of the weapon especially on long range targets
  • Non-slip, heat resistant rubber grip area; Great grip for all conditions
  • Overmolded Free Floating Forend
  • Material: Aluminum and rubber
  • Finish: Black, Ghillie Green, OD Green, and Desert Tan
  • Length: 12 7/16″
  • Weight: 14.5oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Roger Fuiten

Hogue Rifle Length AR-15 Free Floating Overmolded Forend

Thanks for the review! We're glad you're enjoying it.

Kevin Webster
Ok except the barrel nut.

I like the for end, but the wrench provided is terrible. I ended up using a wrench and a piece of rope. That worked reasonably well, but I would much rather use an armour's tool and a torque wrench.

Ryan W.
Hogue overmolded handguard

Bottom line first - I really like this handguard, it is on a 6.5 Grendel that will be used for target shooting and hunting. It feels good in your hands and is easy to carry. I would buy this again.
The handguard itself and how it goes together is not bad but the barrel nut and the plastic wrench, like many have mentioned, is just not as good as it could be. That said, I had little trouble getting it on the rifle and lined up for the gas tube. On other handguards and barrel nuts, I am sure I would have torqued down much more though. I don't think this is a problem but time will tell. Take your time when installing and use standard barrel and handguard installation techniques and there should be no problem. I gave the 4 star rating based upon the barrel nut and plastic wrench.
AT3, your price was great and your service was great, as always

Ryan, thank you for the review! We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we'll definitely take a closer look on the issues you had with the Handguard. We take quality very seriously. Please let us know if you run into any issues in the future. Cheers! - AB

John Hart
Hogue Over molded Float Tube

I have read a lot of Pros and Cons to the installation of the Hogue Over Molded Float Tube. Hogue missed the boat on the design of the barrel nut, even so, I like the concept of the rubber coating on the float tube. I have been deer hunting with several different float tubes. My problem is that they are noisy, when brush or small twigs contact the float tube they make a loud tinging noise. Others have mention the cold and heat transfer through the traditional aluminum float tubes. My last hunt this year with an all aluminum float tube, I did experience the extreme cold, I did feel the cold transfer from the float tube to my hands. Overall I really like the Hogue Float Tube, as far a tightening the barrel nut, it does come with a plastic 2 piece wrench (maybe a 1 shot use) or I like to use 2 quality strap wrenches, opposing each other. With the receiver placed in a quality vise block you can get all of the torque needed to install the barrel nut. The torque on the barrel nut is not a given number, there is a range of 35 to 80 ft. pd. I try to get somewhere in the range 40 to 55. With the provided wrench or strap wrenches you will probably not get to 80 ft pd. You will have to go by feel, there is no way to measure the torque on the Hogue barrel nut. Definitely seat your threads by tightening and loosing the barrel nut 3 times, don't get crazy. Good luck
Also AT3 is great to do business with!

Jim Bryant
Very impressed

This was my first time doing business with AT3 and I was very impressed. First they had the lowest price I could find and free shipping ,on top of that it shipped fast. Then a surprising follow up e-mail with a useful downloadable e-book and coupon to use on my next purchase ,and there will be a next! I've spent a lot of money at a lot of places over the years and have never been treated any better than at AT3