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     Includes configurable mounting points for all of your accessories like lights, lasers, sling swivels, and more. A longer forend - great for long barrels but fine for standard 16" barrels too. Go FF with the Hogue Rifle-length AR-15 Free Floating Overmolded Forend.
    • AR-15; Fits the AR-15/M-16 Rifle-length perfectly
    • Includes all of the pictured rail sections for accessorizing the handguard
    • Free Floating Forend with a unique 2 piece aluminum design; Improves accuracy of the weapon especially on long range targets
    • Non-slip, heat resistant rubber grip area; Great grip for all conditions
    • Overmolded Free Floating Forend
    • Material: Aluminum and rubber
    • Finish: Black, Desert Tan
    • Length: 12 7/16"
    • Weight: 15oz

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Overall I liked it

    At first glance it is an excellent product. But after installing it there are a few flaws. The first flaw is the absolute crap plastic wrench that comes with the kit to tighten the forend down with. Throw it in the trash ad go to Northern Tool and buy a 20 dollar strap wrench. After a getting this tool and a little finesse I got the first part o the forend on. Make sure that the BCG does not bind up on the gas tube after installation. Now for the second flaw, the threads are VERY fine! This is nice as you can get a very fine tuned line up, but it s SUPER easy to cross thread. I am not sure why the threads had to be so fie as the forend is made of three pieces. THe first piece secures the barrel, the second piece is a adjustment ring to get the forend to line up so the screw holes line up perfect. With this in mind why do the threads have to be so fine!?!? Having said all of that the product is very nice, with a great finish. The rubber grip is one piece so it will not peel off. It has a great feel but adds a decent amount of weight to the front. If you are wanting a light weight AR go with another model floating grip. All in all a good product and I would recommend it with a few fixed details.