JP Enterprises GEN 2 Silent Captured Spring for AR-10 / .308 Rifles

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CMMG .308 Lower Receiver Parts Kit

CMMG .308 Lower Receiver Parts Kit


Improved Silent Capture Spring To Reduce Recoil On AR-10 Type Rifles

The JP Enterprises GEN 2 Silent Captured Spring for AR-10 is designed to work in standard 7-inch M16/M4-length buffer extension tubes on .308 AR-type rifles like the DPMS LR-308. Armalite .308 rifles.

You can also install it on a standard M16 extension tube with rifle-length stock but may require a supplied spacer. However, Armalite’s .308 carbines use a slightly longer, non-standard carbine extension tube and it can still be used with these extension tubes by installing the spacer, which must be modified to fit.

Alternately, the system will function readily if the longer Armalite carbine tube is replaced with a standard 7-inch .223 carbine extension tube.

The JP Enterprises GEN 2 Silent Captured Spring for AR-10 is not compatible with the HK MR762, the Sig Sauer 716, or the Rock River Arms LAR-8 because of their longer bolt stroke and subsequently longer extension tube.

It also requires a minimum depth of 4.4” which is incompatible with the DPMS GII, Remington R-25 GII, and certain other rifles. Also note that it is not compatible with the POF Revolution DI due to its slightly altered geometry or the Daniel Defense DD5 bolt carrier due to a lack of clearance for the guide rod.

SCS Buffer Retainer Pin

Because the insertion and removal of the Silent Captured Spring are very difficult with a standard buffer retainer pin, we recommend removing it when installing your SCS. This leaves the SCS “free-floating” in the buffer tube. While this isn’t a problem when the receivers are closed, some shooters find it objectionable. In this case, we have a custom Silent Captured Spring Buffer Retainer Pin and Spring available to retain the SCS without the snagging caused by the Mil-spec design.

Includes spacer to allow for installation in both carbine and rifle-length buffer tubes.

Recommended Use:

  • Short-barreled rifles (SBRs)
  • Suppressed weapons
  • Rifles recommended by using an H2 buffer
  • Select-fire rifles
  • Piston-operated rifles


  • Eliminates buffer & spring noises in AR 308 buffer tube
  • Fit both carbine and rifle buffer tubes (comes with a spacer for fixed stock buffer tubes)
  • New aluminum guide rod reduces overall weight
  • Heavier masses translate to more buffering mass and chance of bolt bounce
  • Full correspondence between SCS masses and H1, H2, and H3 buffers
  • Interchangeable buffers allow conversion between AR-15 and AR-10 models



  • Guide Rod: Aluminum
  • Buffer Weights: Tungsten and Steel


  • Silent Captured Spring System: 7″
  • Spacer: 2.7″

Weight: 6.6 oz.

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