KAK Industry K-SPEC Dual Ejector 5.56 NATO AR-15 Bolt

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KAK Industry K-SPEC Dual Ejector 5.56 NATO AR-15 Bolt

The K-SPEC Enhanced AR15 Bolt is a high-quality bolt designed specifically for the 5.56/300 Blackout caliber. It incorporates a dual ejector system that sets it apart from other bolts on the market. This dual ejector system is unique because it uses mil-spec ejectors and springs, eliminating the need for proprietary parts. This ensures that users can easily find replacement parts if needed, without any hassle.

One of the key design features of the K-SPEC Bolt is the strategic placement of the ejector holes. These holes are centered on the lugs of the bolt, which prevents any reduction in the overall strength of the bolt. This means that even with the dual ejector system, the bolt remains robust and capable of withstanding high levels of stress and pressure.

Using a dual ejector system in the K-SPEC Bolt offers several advantages. Firstly, it significantly enhances ejection reliability. With two ejectors working in tandem, the chances of a malfunction or failure during ejection are greatly reduced. This is particularly important for those who rely on their AR15 rifles for self-defense, competition shooting, or any other high-stakes situations.

Additionally, the dual ejector system brings consistency to the ejection pattern. By ensuring that spent casings are consistently and forcefully ejected from the chamber, shooters can expect a more reliable and predictable shooting experience. This can be especially beneficial for those who require quick follow-up shots or engage in rapid-fire shooting.

KAK Industry, a renowned manufacturer with extensive experience in producing dual ejector bolts for the AR10/LR308 platform, has leveraged its expertise to create a durable and dependable dual ejector system specifically for the AR15 platform. With over a decade of experience, KAK Industry understands the intricacies of dual ejector systems and how to optimize their performance for different calibers and platforms.

Another advantage of the K-SPEC Bolt is its compatibility with all standard mil-spec BCG (bolt carrier group) components. This means that users can easily integrate the K-SPEC Bolt into their existing AR15-style direct impingement systems without needing additional modifications. This makes the transition to the K-SPEC Bolt seamless and hassle-free.

In summary, the K-SPEC Enhanced AR15 Bolt offers a high level of quality and performance for those in search of a reliable and durable bolt for their 5.56/300 Blackout caliber rifles. With its dual ejector system, it brings enhanced ejection reliability and consistency to the shooting experience. Backed by KAK Industry’s expertise and compatibility with standard mil-spec BCG components, the K-SPEC Bolt is a top choice for AR15 enthusiasts and professionals.


  • Bolt- 9310 steel, outside diameters ground to .0002 tolerances, MPI test, nitride finish
  • Extractor- 4140 steel, fully machined, Phosphate coated
  • Extractor pin- S7 tool steel, ground, heat-treated
  • Ejector- S7 tool steel, ground, heat treated
  • 1.44 oz


  • Brand: KAK Industry
  • Model: K-SPEC Dual Ejector 5.56 NATO AR-15 Bolt
  • MPN: MO-303-0503-013
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Phosphate, nitride, and heat-treated
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1.44 oz
  • Caliber: 5.56/.300BLK
  • Fit: AR-15

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