Luth-AR Rifle Buffer Spring for A1/A2 AR-15 Receiver Extensions


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Magpul Moe Rifle Stock for AR-15

Magpul MOE Fixed Rifle Stock - AR-15 - MAG404


Rifle Buffer Spring for Fixed Stock AR-15

This rifle length recoil spring is a perfect replacement part for a worn-out recoil spring in an A1 or A2 style fixed stock build. Luth-AR manufactures high quality components to suit your rifle, and this spring is no exception; either as a low-cost replacement, or the start to a specialized precision build.

If you need a full buffer tube kit for a fixed rifle stock, you can find Luth-AR’s complete package with spring, tube, and buffer here.

Note: This recoil spring is meant for use in A1/A2 style buffer tubes, or with BCM’s MK2 receiver extension. Using this in a standard carbine buffer tube may damage your rifle!


  • Compatibility: AR-15
  • Length: 13 1/4″
  • Coils: 44

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