STNGR Minimalist M-LOK Barrier Hand Stop

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STNGR M-LOK Rail Cover Panels – Gecko and Cyclops

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STNGR M-LOK Rail Cover Panels – Gecko and Cyclops

STNGR M-LOK Rail Cover Panels – Gecko and Cyclops

QD M-Lok Sling Mount

STNGR QD M-LOK Sling Mount


QD M-Lok Sling Mount

STNGR QD M-LOK Sling Mount

STNGR Barrier Hand Stop

STNGR’s low profile M-Lok Barrier Hand Stop gives the shooter more control over their firearm. The Hand Stop allows you to keep the same hand position when firing, acts as a forward limit to prevent you from overreaching and touching the hot barrel and can be used as both a push or pull leverage point to best match your shooting style.

Drive it against a barrier such as a door frame to achieve more stability to your firearm or use it with gloves to increase grip and tactile fidelity. No matter what level of shooter you are, the M-Lok Barrier Hand Stop is one of the quickest and simplest ways to increase your accuracy.

Includes: (1) M-LOK Barrier Hand Stop, (1) M-LOK screw, (1) M-LOK T-nut. Proudly made in USA.


  1. Weight (with hardware): .38 ounces
  2. Material: Aluminum
  3. Length: 1.38″
  4. Width: .62″
  5. Thickness: .77″
  6. M-LOK: Officially Licensed M-LOK From Magpul
  7. Made In USA

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