POF .308 Tomahawk Ambidextrous Charging Handle

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CMMG .308 GunBuilder Lower Receiver Parts Kit- No Grip or Fire Control Group


Wide Lever Ambidextrous .308 Charging Handle

Cover both sides of the “charge” by upgrading your current charging handle with the ambidextrous Tomahawk Charging Handle.

While the shape and laser engraving are inspired by the design of our POF-USA American Patriot Tomahawk, the Tomahawk Charging Handle has optimized functionality as well. For quick and efficient operation with either hand, It features over-sized levers on both sides to make palm “blading” or finger thumb charging a breeze.

All components have been CNC machined to exacting standards in the USA from American 7075 billet aluminum and finished with durable black type III hard coat anodizing.

“Smoke the pipe of peace, bury the tomahawk, and become one nation.” – General Zebulon Pike.

Not compatible with SIG 716 Rifles.

Weight .10 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 5 x 5 in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Richard Stryker
Required sanding

The small area in front on the two tabs was dimensionally incorrect. It was about 12 thousandths larger than the rest of the handle. I had to sand it down to fit. POF part being used on a POF rifle should fit without such a modification.

Sorry to hear about the issue, Richard. We sent you an email to resolve the issue.

Thomas Bean
Doesn’t fit.

Before purchasing the product I contacted AT3 to make sure it would fit my m&p 10. I was ensured it would so I purchased it. When I received it I installed it and it was too tight to pull the handle back. I tried to contact the person I had gone through and asked if it was a one size fit all or if they had different types for my gun. I never received an answer. After a few days I decided to try modifying it to fit. After working with it for a few days I discovered the problem and got it to work but now it looks kinda crappy. So now I’ll have to purchase another, and modify it properly without stripping most the paint off it.

Sorry to hear about the issue, Thomas. I sent an email to make it right.

Gary Elliott
Works fine

I built the rifle with a combat charging handle and might have set the scope back to far. With the new charging handle and moving the scope one notch forward. I now have no problem running the first round into battery. No longer being embarrassed having a problem bringing the charging handle far enough to strip the first round off the magazine.

Glad to know it's working well for you, Gary! And thank you for the feedback! -- LM