Timber Creek Outdoors Sharp Shooter Adhesive Target Booklet – 10 Sheets with 4 Targets


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NCSTAR .223 Remington Laser Bore Sight - AT3 Tactical

NCSTAR .223 Remington Laser Bore Sight


CMMG AR-15 .22 LR Stainless Steel Conversion Kit + One 25 Round Magazine


Range Ready Pack of 40 Adhesive Targets

Timber Creek makes range trips simple with this bound booklet of 2 inch round targets. Each booklet comes with ten pages, each containing 4 bright red targets with white crosshairs. This is ideal for target practice and sight-ins at relatively close range. Once a target is used up, just stick another one over the top when you’ve got a cold range, and you’re ready to plink the afternoon away.


  • Target Diameter: 2 inches
  • 10 Sheets to a booklet
  • 4 targets to a sheet
  • High quality, US-made paper

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