STNGR Replacement Barrel Nuts for V1 and V2 Handguards – Steel and Aluminum

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STNGR M-LOK 5 Slot Picatinny Rail Section


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STNGR Cyclops 3-Slot M-Lok Rail Cover Panel (3-Pack/Black)


STNGR Replacement V1 and V2 Barrel Nuts

If you’re looking for a replacement or spare barrel nut for your STNGR handguard, you can get exactly what you need here, in 1018 steel, or 6061-T6 Aluminum. Over time, small changes to the internal diameter of the barrel nut, as well as the position of screws and the anti-slide plate has changed. To check your compatibility between V1 and V2, check out this guide here.


  • Material
    • Aluminum: T6-6061 Aluminum
    • Steel: 1018 Steel
  • Compatibility: Works with VLCN, VYPR, RPTR and HWK line handguards. Click here to determine which version you have.
  • Weight
    • Aluminum: 1.40 ounces
    • Steel: 3.49 ounces
  • Outer Diameter
    • V1: 1.358″ (34.5 mm)
    • V2: 1.377″ (~35 mm)
  • Torque Range
    • Aluminum: 30-60 FT/LBS.
    • Steel: 30-80 FT/LBS

V1 to V2 Transition Dates

Handguard If purchased before this date, you have a V1 handguard. If on or after, you have a V2.*
15″ HWK M-Lok Before Sept 5, 2019: V1

Sept 5-Oct 21, 2019: V1 or V2. Check your original barrel nut and anti-slide plate.

On or after Oct 22, 2019: V2

13.5″ HWK M-Lok Jan 5, 2020
10″ HWK M-Lok Dec 1, 2019
7″ HWK M-Lok April 24, 2020
15″ RPTR M-Lok Dec 30, 2019

(*limited number of V1 handguards on May 27, 2020)

13.5″ RPTR M-Lok July 7, 2020
10″ RPTR M-Lok Feb 5, 2020
8.25″ RPTR M-Lok June 28, 2021
15″ VYPR M-Lok Nov 21, 2019
13.5″ VYPR M-Lok Feb 19, 2020
10″ VYPR M-Lok March 25, 2020
7″ VYPR M-Lok June 28, 2021
15″ VLCN M-Lok June 18, 2020
12″ VLCN M-Lok V1
10″ VLCN M-Lok V1
All Keymod handguards ALL Keymod handguards are and will remain V1

*Please note that there can be overlap around a switch-over date, so if you purchased a particular handguard soon after its listed date, it is likely that you received a V2 handguard, but you may have received a V1. Check the barrel nut & anti-slide plate that came with your handguard (see further instructions below) to be sure.

Please note that these dates may not be applicable to blemished versions of the handguards. Check exact product specifications on blemished models for the barrel nut version.

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