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Diamondhead Backup Iron Sights

Diamondhead "Diamond Sights" feature a revolutionary diamond-shaped aperture for quicker target acquisition and centering.

Diamondhead USA is a West Springfield, Massachusetts based company that designs and manufactures some of the best iron sights on the market.

In addition to being featured on many Stag and Windham AR-15's, Diamondhead is strongly affiliated with the Government, Military and Law Enforcement such as the Connecticut State Police and California Dept. of Fish & Game.

All Diamondhead products feature a lifetime warranty.


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This set includes are the re-styled Diamond Rear Combat Sight and the Diamond Front Combat Sight - the perfect sights for a same-plane setup (like mounting your front sight on a free float quad rail) FEATURES: Flips up quickly for rapid deployment Folds down with the push of a button Locking system ensures sight stays up securely and remains zeroed;...

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Diamondhead DIAMOND Gas Block Front Combat Sight for AR15 The Diamondhead DIAMOND (Gas Block) Front Sight mounts directly to an existing railed gas block of the reduced gas block height. The gas block sight comprises a proprietary Diamondhead Premium sight base (of increased height to compensate for the lower gas block) and a Premium DIAMOND upper sight housing. Features: -...

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Center in on the action quick with the Diamondhead DIAMOND Flip-Up Front Sight. The Diamondhead DIAMOND Flip-Up Front Combat Sight™, its unique and it works.   FEATURES: Proprietary Diamond-Shaped Housing™; Frames and centers the target swiftly and easily Flips up quickly; For rapid and easy deployment Folds down with the push of a button; Stows away quick and easy Locking...

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Got Diamondhead VRS Drop-In and Free-Floating Handguards or any Mil Std M1913 Picatinny rail systems? Equip it with Diamondhead's DIAMOND Flip-Up Rear Sight, for faster and greater precision. Diamondhead's DIAMOND Flip-Up Rear Sight's revolutionary design incorporates the original and proprietary Diamond-Shaped Apertures™ (Pat. & Pat. Pend.) and a re-designed upper housing - allowing the eye to place the front sight...

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The Diamondhead D-45 (Swing Sights) Integrated Sighting System™ are a pair of sights that can swing to the side. Moves clear and away from the optic's line of sight and have a backup aiming system when you need it most.   FEATURES: D-45 FRONT and REAR SIGHT: Stows like a Folding Sight; Stays low until deployed True Bore Alignment -...

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This set includes the acclaimed Diamondhead Gen2 Rear Sight with the increased-height Diamond "Gas Block" Front Sight. Front sight is for mounting on gas blocks that sit lower than a flat top upper receiver. Features DIAMOND Rear Sight: Proprietary Diamond-Shaped apertures for faster target acquisition & centering Proprietary reference posts and horizon bars Dual same plane short and long range...