B5 Systems Grip Plug for P-Grips

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B5 Systems Type 23 AR-15 Pistol Grip - Black



B5 P-Grip 23 AR-15 Pistol Grip

B5 Systems Type 22 AR-15 Pistol Grip - Coyote Brown


B5 Systems Type 22 AR-15 Pistol Grip

B5 Systems Battery Storage Plug for Pistol Grips

The B5 Systems Grip Plug makes storing extra batteries on your AR-15 simple. This plug slides securely into B5 Systems Type 23 and Type 22 Pistol Grips, with storage slots for AA, CR123, and CR2032 batteries, making sure your optics aren’t without backup power. The plug also fits the Multitasker NANO tool for keeping your optics zeroed.


  • Friction fit for easy removal/install.
  • Water and dust resistant.


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