What is the Best Sling for an AR15?

The short answer to that is, it depends. The reason I say that is because no one thing can be great at everything. With regards to slings, there are many variables involved that can make one sling good at some things and be bad or not so good with other things. One thing can be said that is universal for all slings and that is all slings bring the weapons to the fight.

Single Point, Double point, Triple point, and the Pinardi Device

Single Point Sling for AR-15

The single point sling is a loop that attaches to the rear of the weapon. It is slung through one arm and over the head. It keeps your weapon close and ready to bear but it is not designed exactly for comfort or to fight fatigue but as a tactical piece of gear that allows you greater mobility, ambidextrous firing support and lets you dangle the weapon to free your hands and do something else like throw a grenade without having your weapon leaving your personal bubble.

Double Point Sling for AR-15

The double point sling, the simple sling or sometimes referred to as the traditional sling is a sling that is attached to the front and rear of the weapon. That said, some double point slings are no longer the same as their traditional counterparts. Apart from them being attached to the front and rear of the weapon which allows operator to carry the weapon over their back, with the sling draped across their torso, around the neck or over one shoulder, some of the newer double point slings can assist the shooter like the Ching sling. They can also be attached and removed with ease, have additional elements for comfort and more. Placements can differ but they are almost always on both ends – front and rear.

Triple Point Sling for AR-15

The triple point sling is by far the most versatile as it can conform the best to one’s form because of its adjustability. It also has various configurations. It is a marriage of the single point and the double point. It loops around the shoulder and neck like the single point and two straps tie to the front and rear of the weapon. The front and rear of the weapon are the two points and the operator is the third point which makes it the triple point sling.

Pinardi Device

The Pinardi device is a sling that hooks on to your webbing. It has similar features to the single point but in a much lighter package that is much simpler to use. Again its tactical and not meant to battle fatigue in any way.

Where to Attach the Sling?

The weapon in its stock configuration should have attachment points at the front and rear. For other weapon setups, some slings are now attached to the rails of a handguard and the typical buttstock placements but there are also some which are attached to the buffer tube via mounting accessories.

Typical Sling Materials

The strap is commonly made from nylon and bungee cord but there are other synthetic materials used as well. The hardware is commonly aluminum, steel or polymer.


The right sling will keep your hands and arms from getting tired. It will also keep the weapon out of you way while you’re walking or running and some will free your hand to do other things. A sling comes down to purpose and personal preference, so AT3 Tactical supplies a wide variety slings in multiple styles and colors, so you can pick the right sling for the job.

Here are some examples:

Mako Bungee Sling, Single Point, Black – BUNGEE-B

Single-point sling with bungee section for comfort and movement.

Troy Two Point BattleSling

A tri-glide system, with an emergency strap, positions the weapon anywhere on the shooter’s chest for hands-free, quick-to-shoulder carry.

Magpul MS3- Multi Mission Sling System Sling Black AR Rifles 1 or 2 Point Sling MAG503-BLK

A versatile weapon-retention solution for a multitude of tactical environments and missions.

Troy Pinardi Device

Attaches directly to your webbing eliminating the need to have a shoulder strap to secure your weapon.

One Last Tip

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