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Arguably one of the most common and practical accessories for the AR platform, hand stops, and foregrips allow the shooter to obtain and keep positive control of their firearm. With different patterns built for specific purposes, such as angled grips and hand stops, you can completely tailor your grip selection to work with you for the job you need to get done.

Each type of foregrip has its pros and cons. And since every shooter is unique, no specific type of foregrip or hand stop is definitively superior.

Why Would I Want an Angled Foregrip?

An intermediate between vertical foregrips and hand stops, angled foregrips offer the shooter a fantastic way to get a solid grip of their rifle, letting you maneuver it faster and more accurately than you could otherwise.

Angled foregrips on the slimmer side typically center the bore of the barrel in the middle of your grip, leading to faster and more accurate follow-up shots or point-shoot style aiming.

Thicker designs allow you to generally control your rifle more, helping keep the recoil to a minimum.

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Why Would I Want A Handstop?

Hand stops are unique in the way that they make taking a grip on your rifle faster and more intuitive. They provide a physical stop for your hand wherever you choose to install it on the rail, letting you establish a grip on your rifle faster and not having to worry if your hand is too close to the muzzle.

They are also much lower profile and take up less space than angled foregrips, taking up less space when storing your rifle. You might be able to fit one more rifle in that crowded safe of yours!

What is M-Lok?

Whether you are an experienced shooter or looking to get into the world of firearms chances are you’ve heard of the Magpul M-Lok mounting pattern. M-Lok, or modular lock, is easily one of the most successful mounting systems worldwide due to its ease of installation, typically only requiring an Allen wrench, and reliability.

The mounting system consists of a series of screws and rotating rectangular T-Nuts that, when tightened, firmly lock the accessory to the rail. And if installed correctly, it won’t be coming off unless you want it to!  This is Magpul’s own mounting pattern and has quickly gained widespread popularity.  All of the handstops on this list are MLOK mountable.

Magpul M-Lok AFG Foregrip ($24)

Starting with arguably the biggest name in AR15 accessories, Magpul, we have the Magpul M-Lok AFG Foregrip, an angled foregrip that can also double as a barrier stop (You’ll find you can use most angled foregrips and hand stops also act as a barrier stop).

Coming in at only 2.3″ deep and 3.3″ wide, hands of all sizes will fit comfortably, and getting a firm grip won’t be a problem either. Its slim profile makes it easy to stow away and reduces the chances of that pesky gear snag we all find so annoying.

The Magpul AFG Foregrip is made of polymer which may be a pro or a con to you. Either way, it is a very sturdy and reliable build and a lighter weight than its metal counterparts of the same size. Another bonus is it comes in Mapgul’s standard colors (black, FDE, grey, and ODG).  At about $24, it’s a relatively inexpensive option that will perform great.

Magpul M-Lok Hand Stop ($22)

Coming in hot with another great choice from Magpul, we have the Magpul M-Lok Hand Stop. If a strong, controlling C-Clamp style grip is your favorite, you’re in for a treat.

This low-profile hand stop guides your hand to the perfect position, and like the Magpul AFG Foregrip, it can also double as a barrier stop.  With a textured grip surface, maintaining a firm grip while shooting in the rain or the sweaty dog days of summer will be a problem of the past.

Again, the Magpul M-Lok Hand Stop is made of a sturdy polymer, allowing for a lighter but just as reliable build.  Grab one for about $22 and you won’t be disappointed.

AT3 AR-15 M-Lok Handstop ($24)

Made with aircraft-grade machined aluminum, AT3’s AR-15 M-Lok Handstop is a simple yet effective solution for your handstop needs. It provides the physical barrier for your hands and allows for a true C-Clamp style grip to be had, while also looking sleek and natural, who could ask for more?

Taking up minimal space and weighing in at less than an ounce, this is a fantastic choice for shooters who will be running around and manipulating their firearms quickly. Three-Gunners rejoice and lightweight builders rejoice!

And let’s not forget, it comes in 7 different colors to choose from! With Cerakoted colors ranging from OD Green and FDE to blue and even pink, any aesthetic can be complimented.

AT3 AR-15 M-Lok Angled Foregrip ($44)

Made with slightly more aircraft-grade aluminum than the hand stop from AT3 listed above, the AT3 AR-15 M-Lok Angled Foregrip is another quality angled foregrip choice that is well worth it.

AT3’s angled foregrip differs from Magpul’s in the way that it is much thinner at the base of the grip. This lets the hand get closer to the rails and centered around your barrel while still protecting you from the heat, letting you get that strong grip we like so much. A centered grip helps to improve intuitive aiming and faster follow-up shots.

Don’t forget that every AT3 product comes with an unconditional and transferable lifetime warranty.  They also have a generous 30 day no-questions-asked return policy.  So if you don’t like it or if it malfunctions in any way, no worries, you’ll get your money back or a replacement.

Machined grooves on the gripping surfaces of this angled foregrip also reduce any slipping that may occur from sweat or moisture on your hands. They also add a little flare, accompanied by the machined front end of the grip, that is sure to catch eyes at the range if that’s your thing. And fortunately for all of the Gucci-gun builders out there, it comes in the same 7 colors as the hand stop from above.

Fortis SHIFT Short Angled Foregrip ($66)

If you like futuristic, eye-catching, or otherworldly designs, the Fortis SHIFT Short Angled Foregrip might be the foregrip for you. Seriously, it looks like something you’d see in the movie Alien, right?

If you saw this angled foregrip and mistook it for a hand stop, you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. The design Fortis aimed for is something like a hybrid between an angled foregrip and a hand stop, the best of both worlds.

A compact design and thumb-catch on the front allow for multiple different gripping styles, giving it a degree of adaptability that you don’t see too often in the world of angled foregrips.

Billet aluminum design is its name, and a skeletonized lightweight build is its game, and it aces its game perfectly. Fortis pushed the limits with the look and, more importantly, the functionality of this short angled foregrip. If you are a shooter who wants to look stylish while draining shots on target downrange, this is probably the angled foregrip for you.

Strike Industries LINK Anchor Handstop ($13)

“Anchors Aweigh!” is what you’ll be shouting as you leave your buddies in the dust, clearing shooting drills and bracing against barriers with the Strike Industries LINK Anchor Handstop.

Don’t like the way it feels in your hand? No problem, flip it around. The LINK Anchor Handstop’s design allows for it to be mounted either forward or backward depending on the user. Couple that with a rather meaty, textured build and you have yourself a modular handstop system that feels great in your hands.

Its unique fiber-filled polymer construction makes the Strike Industries LINK Anchor a great lightweight hand stop option, while still offering more modularity than many of the other similar larger-sized hand stops on the marketplace.

What’s that smell? It’s not your hand. The Anchor Handstop is heat resistant, so no need to worry if you are shooting without gloves.

Odin Works B1 M-Lok Handstop ($46)

Strapped for space? Odin Works has you covered. With their B1 M-Lok Handstop taking up only 2.5″ of your precious rail space, shooters wanting only a simple reference point for their support hand will be happy with this handstop choice.

The angle of the B1 Handstop is for more than just looks too, it gives an ergonomic edge over its competition. Allowing for a positive high grip of your weapon, or a point of leverage for your thumb if you choose to grip it that way.

Once again, you can use this as a barrier stop as well, but don’t worry about scratching up the anodized black, red, or blue coating.

Odin Works offers high-quality anodizing for their aluminum hand stops that will last you quite a while. Besides, if it does eventually get a couple of beauty marks, that adds character to it, right?

With a minimalistic and clean design and multiple color options, the Odin Works B1 M-Lok Handstop will give you all of the functionality you expect while also giving your build that nice little flare we crave so much. Like a little cherry on top.

Best MLOK Handstop?

For hand stops, the Magpul M-Lok Handstop offers a sturdy build and lightweight option from one of the most trusted names in the firearms industry.  Plus it’s very inexpensive compared to some other options.

If you are looking for an angled foregrip, the AT3 AR-15 Angled Foregrip offers a sleek design, multiple color options, and a slimmer grip surface allowing you to establish a more positive grip on your rifle.  Some folks like to opt for machined aluminum when they can.  If that is you, this is your new handstop.

A few words of wisdom

Despite the best all-around choices listed above, you should pick a foregrip or hand stop that will suit the purpose you want it to! Not all shooters are the same, we have different hand sizes and preferences, remember that you are building your rifle for yourself and your shooting styles!

One Last Tip

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