Caldwell AR-15 Magazine Charger Loader/Unloader – .223/5.56 NATO

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Caldwell AR-15 Brass Catcher  - 122231

Caldwell AR-15 Brass Catcher – 122231


Caldwell AR-15 Brass Catcher  - 122231

Caldwell AR-15 Brass Catcher – 122231

The Fastest Way To Load Your AR Magazines In Less Than 15 Seconds

The Caldwell AR Mag Charger revolutionizes the way ammo is handled and loaded into AR-15 magazines. It features an innovative design to take 50 rounds of ammunition and load it all into two magazines in less than 15 seconds.

Gets You Back To Shooting In Seconds

The Caldwell AR-15 Magazine Charger changes the way you load your AR-15 magazines more efficiently and will let you make your magazine loading much easier to get you back on shooting in no time.

The entire process of filling the Mag Charger with ammo and loading all 50 rounds into two magazines takes less than 15 seconds – an Ammo Transfer Tray is also included to invert ammo that is positioned in boxes with the bullet tips oriented down or to stage bulk ammo for dumping into the Mag Charger.


  • Load AR magazines in just seconds
  • Accepts 50 rounds of .223, 5.56, or .204 loaded ammo
  • Instant transfer system from ammo box directly to Mag Charger
  • Loads 5 rounds per “stroke” with auto-advance
  • Compatible with all AR platform mags both mil-spec and molded plastic
  • Durable Polycarbonate construction

How To Use:

  • Simply align bullet tips and dump a box of ammo into the Mag Charger.
  • The ammo is automatically aligned without touching a single round.
  • Once filled with ammo” insert any AR magazine into the Mag Charger just as you would into a rifle.
  • Then actuate the plunger back and forth loading 5 rounds per stroke as the spring-loaded ammo carrier automatically advances aligning the next five rounds until the magazine is fully loaded.

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