Hexmag Shorty 20 Round AR-15 5.56 Magazine

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Hexmag HexID Followers and Floorplates - 4 Pack - Blue


Hexmag HexID Followers and Floorplates – 4 Pack

Hexmag HexID Followers and Floorplates - 4 Pack - Red


Hexmag HexID Followers and Floorplates – 4 Pack

Compact 20 Round AR-15 Polymer Magazine

The “Shorty” AR-15 Hexmag features modern polymer construction, improved feed lips, and a reliable anti-tilt follower. The magazine’s unique Hexture™ design offers superior grip, which can be further enhanced with Hexmag’s Grip Tape, pre-cut to fit the hexagon design.

This magazine’s lower profile makes it easier to shoot off a bench rest or bipod. Where 30 round magazines may require additional, taller support, this magazine ensures you can get in tight with comfort. Plus, if you plan to change calibers for the bench or field, you can swap out the follower and floorplate using the HexID system to quickly identify your mags by caliber.


  • Updated feed lip provides greater reliability with a larger variety of rifles
  • Easier seating on a closed bolt made possible by an improved catch-pocket and lead in ramp
  • Compatible with stripper clips making loading your Hexmags faster than ever before


  • CALIBERS: .223/5.56x45mm, .300AAC Blackout, .458 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf and more
  • RIFLES: AR-15s, SCAR 16, IWI Tavor, CZ Bren, Beretta ARX 100 and more
  • CAPACITY: 20
  • CONSTRUCTION: PolyHex2 Advanced Composite
  • COLORS: Black, FDE, Gray, OD Green. Can be assembled custom with HexID colors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hexmag 20rd Shorty

I gave it a 4/5 simply because it does not drop freely when I hit the mag release like Magpul and Lancer mags do. Granted I haven't tried the 30 round version, but the "Shorties" do not fall free. Other than that they work just fine as far as function.. Also to mention, I bought one in black and fde and both have blemishes. Probably just a hexmag thing..but that's also reflected in the price point I suppose.. not sure if I would recommend, but at least they look cool LOL - as far as AT3, great company doing great things!!

Dominic Coda
good purchase

good product

Thanks for the great review! We're glad you're happy with your purchase.

Eric Lager
I like !

Bought a few 20 round magazines because the 30 round magazines are too long when shooting off of a lead sled. Also plenty of rounds when coyote hunting

Thanks for sharing your feedback! We're glad you're satisfied with your purchase.

Paul Hyman
Shorty mags

Nice mags. They only hold 18 rounds. Not sure why.

Michael Blevins
20 round mag

Excellent product, but I am having trouble with ejecting. They fit a little tight.