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    The AT3 Long Low Profile Gas Block is designed to cover up barrel scars that are left after removing an AR-15 front sight base
    • 3/4" (.75") size – works with any .75" AR-15 barrel

    • Perfect for use with long AR15 handguards that cover the gas block

    • Length is designed to cover up blemishes on barrel after removing front sight base

    • Secured with 3 set screws (screws, allen wrench and roll pin included)

    • All AT3 components are covered by a 1 year warranty!

    • Material: 4150 steel

    • Finish: Phosphate coating (matte black)

    • Length: see pictures

    • Inside Diameter: .75"

    • Weight: 2.7oz

    • Packaging: PE Bag

    Frequently asked questions: 
    Q: How can I tell what size of gas block I need?
    A: The gas block size is based on the outside diameter of your barrel. The most common size is .75" (this is the military standard). If you aren't sure - use calipers to measure  the diameter of the barrel, in the area where the gas block sits. Or alternatively, you can try looking up the make and model of your rifle online for more details. 
    Q: How do I know if this gas block will fit under my handguard? 
    A: Our micro gas blocks are as small as you will find on the market. They are guaranteed to work with our AT3 handguards, and they should be compatible with all the other handguards out there!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Bronson Smith B.S. Bronson S.
    great gas Block.

    installed easy, works as described. no issues...

    Justin Iosco J.I. Justin I.
    Exactly As Described

    Gas block was exactly as described. My only issue was the 2 roll pins wouldn't fit into this gas block that came along with it. Had to use the factory one that was still reusable as much as I didn't want to. Roll pins that came along with the gas block seem to be a little too big to fit in or the gasblock itself needs be dimpled on both sides to reduce likely hood of mushrooming roll pins upon install. This minor issue won't steer me away from purchasing more parts AT3 though!

    Richard Mckelvey R.M. Richard M.
    Low profile gas block

    Received my gas block in very fast shipping. Item looked good and was exactly what I needed.

    jack j. jack
    good gas block

    I ordered this long as block so it would cover the taper pin slots in the bottom of the barrel. It did that very well. The fit on the barrel was good, it slid on with just a little resistance for what i call a perfect fit. And it works like it should. Mine came with 2 roll pins. One was bent and not useable the other one was ok. Good service from delta team. I will buy more from them.

    chad campbell c.c. chad c.
    Great service

    Item arrived on time as promised. Well made, can't wait to get it installed!