When changing out parts on your AR 15 upper (for example adding a free float handguard/ quad rail), you may need to remove the front sight base and add a low-profile gas block. Unfortunately, this will often leave you with exposed taper pin holes, and since most manufacturers don’t “parkerize” under the FSB on an AR15 barrel, you end up with rings of bare metal. The result is an unsightly, exposed area on the barrel, with unfinished metal and deep gouges from the taper pins.

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The best way to fix this issue? Use a longer low profile gas block, that is specifically designed to cover this area and protect and strengthen the AR15 barrel in this area.

AT3 Tactical sells a low profile gas block that suits this need perfectly! Check out the AT3 Long Low Profile Gas Block!  This set-screw gas block slides over your barrel shoulder, completely covering the bare steel left from the taper pins.  It remains low-profile too, so you can also add a free float handguard if you choose!

AT3 Tactical Long Low-Profile Gas Block - Steel, .750 Diameter

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  1. Cool – I’m going to get one of these. Thanks for the info.

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