Luth-AR A1 Style Polymer Retro Rifle Handguard for AR-15


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Luth-AR Triangular Handguard Cap for AR-15

Luth-AR Triangular Handguard Cap for AR-15 - .625"


The Perfect A1-Style Drop-in Handguard For A Classic M16 Build

The Luth-AR A1 Style Polymer Retro Handguard is a classic addition to AR-15 builds to achieve a perfect retro A1 style rifle. It offers the classic triangular design specifically created to look like the original M-16 handguard to give the feel and experience of the true first-rate M16 rifle.

It is designed as a 2-piece drop-in handguard and each of the handguard halves is lined with aluminum heat shields to help insulate the user from the barrel heat.

Luth-AR is known for top-quality AR parts. If you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality A1-style handguard for your classic build, you’ll never go wrong with Luth-AR.


  • Overall length: 12″
  • Drop-in 2 Piece handguard
  • Rifle Length
  • Triangle Front Piece
  • Polymer Handguard
  • 7075 T-6 Aluminum Heat Shields

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Harold Martin
AR A1 Handguard

It was hard to get the guard on where the the gas tube goes through the delta ring.
It looked like the guard was hitting the gas tube.
I took a rat tail file and where it is flat on top inside by the gas tube made a half round hole. The guard went on a lot easier. The guard is built a lot stronger than the original A1. It looks good on the rifle. I would buy it again if needed.
Thank You

Waylon Moore
No go on psa dissipator

Im gonna start off first by saying the quality of this plastic is actually very well made, hard and durable and looks realistic as it gets compared to other aftermarket a1 handguards. Now the fitting... that was a big no go. I started to drimmel very little to get the front of the handguards in place and the back took alot of using the drimmel and still yet after they fit up front and at the delta ring, the top of the handguards wouldn't snap all the way together near the delta ring. I pretty much just wasted my money. I have a set of tony customs on a delton that fit just fine with no use of the drimmel. Im not sure weather or not if its the psa upper or these handguards but I ordered a set of tonys customs to see how they will fit because they haven't failed me before. I feel like these handguards would work ok on a different brand upper based on what other people is saying and considering looking at and feeling these handguards and their quality, its disappointing they didn't fit my psa dissipator. I could about guarantee anything these just won't work with a psa upper and these other people have a different brand, that would look awesome and be just as realistic and durable. If your gonna put these on a psa, just don't try it. Good luck if you attempt it.

Lucas Gambrill
Luth-AR A1 Style Polymer Retro Rifle Handguard for AR-15

Ordered these hand guards for a clone I was building. Price was good so I pulled the trigger. Shipping was fast and when these arrived I installed them in the upper I had ready. The fit and finish of the guards is top-notch. Once installed the handguards have a nice and tight fit with no gaps on my gun.

Thank you for writing this review! We're glad to hear that you're happy with the quality of these rifle handguards.

Happy camper
Looks amazing

Perfect for that retro build. I used this to recreate a dissipater style rifle and three prong flash hider from the Vietnam era rifles.

Thanks for the review! We're glad you're happy with the product.

Paul Monroe
Looks and fits like it should

Good tight fit and the color is perfect

Thanks for sharing your feedback! We're glad you're satisfied with your purchase.