Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black 3 oz Bottle

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Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black Touch-Up Pen - AT3 Tactical

Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black Touch-Up Pen


Birchwood Casey Perma Blue 3 oz Bottle - AT3 Tactical

Birchwood Casey Perma Blue 3 oz Bottle


Repair Scratches on your AR-15 Receivers and More

Birchwood Casey’s Aluminum Black quickly repairs scratches and marring to aluminum, which is perfect for a scuffed up AR-15 receiver or handguard. This solvent quickly darkens bare aluminum, and can be re-applied to achieve a darker finish to match your anodizing.

How to Use

  1. Safety first: make sure you’re using sterile gloves of some kind before handling Aluminum Black.
    This is a corrosive solvent, do not let it come in contact with your skin.
  2. Clean and degrease the surface you want to blacken – isopropyl alcohol is a good option for this
  3. Pour a small amount of Aluminum Black into a separate container. Do not use the Aluminum Black bottle or cap, as you’ll contaminate the solvent.
  4. Dip a q-tip or other cotton swab into your separate container, and apply Aluminum Black evenly on the aluminum surface.
  5. Re-apply as needed to achieve the shade of black you need.
  6. When you’re finished, wipe down your steel with a q-tip or swab, and ensure you dispose of any materials properly.

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