The ultimate gift guide for the AR15 enthusiast in your life.

Almost everyone has a passion in their lives.  If you or your loved ones’ passion is guns, specifically AR15s, it’s safe to say that passion probably runs really deep.

Below are the top gift ideas for the AR15 lover in your life.

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CMMG AR-15 .22LR Stainless Steel Conversion Kit + One 25 Round Magazine

Ammo is expensive, and oftentimes, difficult to get.  But who doesn’t have a bunch of old boxes/bags of 22 ammo sitting around?  With this simple drop-in conversion kit, you can turn your typical AR15 chambered in 556/223 into a 22LR shooting machine.  This kit is super simple to install for your next range day.  At about $145, this is a cheap and very fun upgrade for any AR15 shooter in your life.

Buy a CMMG Bravo Series Conversion Kit here.  Live in a state that doesn’t allow mags with greater than a 10-round capacity?  Grab a 10-round version here.

AT3 LEOS Red Dot Sight with Integrated Laser Sight and Riser

The AT3 LEOS is perfect for a day at the range, hunting, plinking, home defense, or just about any shooting scenario where magnification is not required.  Go for the red laser version if you don’t need to see the laser in the daytime – it only runs $129.  Step up to the green laser version if you want to see your laser during the day – that version sells for $174.

Grab an AT3 LEOS Red Dot Sight with Laser and Riser directly from AT3 here.

These are both available on Amazon too.

Magpul MS4 Dual Multi Mission Quick Detach Sling

This sling will work with just about any AR15 out there.  It features secure mounting points, effortless adjustments, and increased webbing length to fit all body types and armor configurations. 

At $61, this is a great opportunity to upgrade from the cheap sling that may be on your rifle currently.  Grab one from AT3 Tactical here.

Wheeler AR15 Complete Brush Set

It’s vital to keep your AR15 clean.  These types of guns get dirty fast and need to be cleaned regularly.  A good brush set is a great gift for the AR15 lover in your life.  Upgrading from the old toothbrush on your cleaning bench is a good idea.  This Wheeler AR15 Complete Brush Set is everything you need to keep your rifle clean.

The brushes feature an 8×32 thread that fit on the included, and most, cleaning rods.  You can also use the attached brushes to keep your magazines clean.

Wheeler AR 15 Complete Brush Set - 156715

These brush sets sell for $19 and make a great stocking stuffer!  Grab one from AT3 here.

AT3 Tactical Red Tail Rifle Scope with Mount

A new scope can upgrade your rifle from “fine to shoot” to “AWESOME to shoot”.  AT3’s Red Tail LPVO rifle scopes are perfect on any AR15 or tactical rifle.  Use the 1x setting for close-range shooting and to replace your red dot.  Crank it up to 4x or 6x to engage targets out to 500 yards.  The illuminated BDC reticle will help you hit those 100-500 yard targets.

The Red Tail rifle scopes are very high quality for the money and include a 30mm cantilever mount for free.  Like all AT3 products, they also include a lifetime warranty. 

The 1-4×24 sells for $230 and the 1-6×24 goes for $299.  Get free shipping if you buy one from AT3 today.  

You can also pick one up on Amazon here.

Magpul MOE MLOK Furniture Kit – Stock, Carbine Handguard, and Grip

Black Friday typically features a ton of entry-level AR15s on sale at crazy low prices.  These guns are all good – they will all go bang – but are usually pretty basic. If you or your loved one grabbed one of these bone-stock ARs this fall, an easy and inexpensive upgrade for it is AT3’s custom Magpul Furniture Kits.

These kits include everything you need to make your new rifle yours.  Upgrade your stock with MAG400 Mil-spec Carbine Stock.  Then move onto the grip with a MAG415 Magpul MOE grip.  Lastly, upgrade your stock handguard with a MAG424 MOE M-LOK Carbine Handguard.

For less than $100, you will have a major upgrade to your entry-level rifle and it will look really cool too!  Get an AT3 custom Magpul MOE Furniture Kit today.  Don’t forget to add an optional foregrip.

Magpul PMAG M2 – 30-Round Magazine

You need mags to make your rifle shoot.  No one, I repeat, no one has enough magazines.  If you are looking for a gift for the AR enthusiast in your life, you cannot go wrong with more mags.  

Magpul is the market leader in polymer magazines.  They have been proven to function flawlessly for many years.  Magpul’s MAG571 is their basic PMAG item.  AT3 sells them in singles, and multiples, depending on how much you want to spend.  Order over $50 worth and score free shipping.  Get them while you can!  

Buy Magpul PMAG 30rd Mags from AT3 Tactical here.

One Last Tip

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