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Bipods don’t receive as much love as they should. When you are finishing your AR-15 build or looking to accessorize your favorite rifle; bipods should be on your list. UTG manufactures a huge range of bipods to look at.

Leapers/UTG is a company out of Michigan that started in 1992. They started their American-made sister brand of UTG PRO in 2009. Bipods under the UTG and UTG PRO name range from affordable basic bipods to duty-specific offerings. Depending on whether you are looking for something for your hunting rifle, range day AR-15, or a precision long-range AR; this article will lay out the pros and cons of each UTG bipod.

Their bipods have Picatinny/weaver mounts, swivel stud mounts, M-LOK, and Keymod mounting options that will go with any of your builds. Bipods allow you to shoot your rifle in a stable and secure way. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting at a range bench, in a kneeling shooting position, prone position, or out hunting. Even sighting in a rifle with a bipod is easier than using a shooting bag or just from your shoulder. Here is a breakdown of all UTG bipods and a quick review of each.

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UTG Shooters Bipod

The entry-level bipod that UTG® offers is the Shooters bipod. They have a SWAT model that ranges from 6.2″-6.7″ and has a thumb nut for Picatinny rail attachment. The same model with a quick detach mount is called the Shooters bipod. The taller 8.7”-10.6” bipod model has the same thumb nut attachment.

This is a bare-bones bipod, it’s cheap, effective, but you don’t get a lot with it. Which is expected. The nice benefit is UTG provides the swivel stud mount kit whereas some other makers force you to buy bipod adapters separately.

It does have limited panning and Posi-lock legs that guarantee locking position. The shorter-height bipod would work better for a 10 round AR-15 or AR-10. The shorter bipod doesn’t work on my AR unless there is nothing underneath the magazine. It would work for hunting rifles though. The larger model here would most likely be the best choice for AR-15’s but it just depends on the handguard.

UTG Tactical OP Bipod

UTG Tactical bipod comes in 2 versions at 2 different heights. The thumb nut mount models range in height from 6.1”-7.9” to 8.3”-12.7”. UTG has the quick detach tactical bipod models in 5.9”-7.3” and 8.0”-12.4”. My preference is quick detach as it makes it easy to change up a setup out in the field.

The tactical models have that traditional military look. The bipods have a robust spring tensioner connected to each leg. Again, there is minimal panning and adjustable legs that can quickly be retracted for maneuverability.

The biggest benefit of the bipod is its sturdy design. It will take abuse and with the aluminum frame, like most UTG bipods, helps reduce weight. The downside is the external springs could get caught on things out hunting. It is heavier than the above model too. But that weight will provide a sturdy base.

UTG Super Duty Bipod Quick Detach

UTG’s Super Duty is a workhorse that can stand up to abuse. It is a full metal design consisting of steel and aluminum. It has two support bars under its mounting bracket for further strength. Available in heights of 6.0”-8.5” and 8.0”-12.8”, it will be best suited for an AR-10, AR-15, or a heavy rifle.

Its rubber feet will keep it in position on any surface and has a quick detach for your Picatinny/weaver rail.

The locking thumbwheels on each leg will make sure a heavy barrel won’t collapse the extended legs. Even though it’s a heavier bipod, the smaller model is 13.8 oz, the trade-off is longevity. If you have an AR15 with a heavy barrel profile, AK-47, or a longer barreled rifle; this bipod can take the weight. You’re a little harder on your guns? This is the bipod that can withstand those impacts. UTG® gave this bipod leg notches of 5 and 9 respectively to ensure sturdier deployments. It also has a thumbwheel on each leg for those in-between extensions. If you’re looking for a sturdy bipod that can take a beating, your search can stop here.


Talking about sturdy bipods, the UTG BIG BORE is a bipod on steroids. It is made of steel and aluminum. It weighs 2lbs and changes. Designed with steel feet that allow forward tilting and are reversible to adapt for any shooting position.

To be fair this is over the top for an AR-15, AR-10, or most hunting rifles. The bipod’s lowest height is 9″ and goes to 14″. But if you have a .50 BMG, .338 Lapua, or some other big caliber rifle, it is right at home.

Someone out there will put this on a small rifle just because – we have all seen those posts. I have big hands and I love the big buttons on the bipod to deploy the legs.

My favorite feature on this bipod and others is the ability to tilt left and right up to 55 degrees and 35 degrees of panning. This makes tracking and follow-through easy without changing the entire setup.

One drawback is this bipod has keyed extensions that aren’t always spaced out correctly for every environment. They do provide a more secure extension when firing large calibers.

This isn’t a bipod for all but UTG meant business when making it. UTG gave large-caliber distance shooters what they need with this affordable package. It will provide stability for those long-distance precision shots. Just have to convince myself I need this bipod, not just want it.


Now this is a bipod for the serious long-range enthusiast, precision shooter, or long-range hunter. With this bipod’s wide-open stance, it provides a very stable surface.

It also carries over the large buttons from the previously discussed bipod. The bipod can be set up like a typical bipod. But it’s specifically designed to be mounted over the barrel so it is closer to the center height for better stability. You won’t get that teetering effect that some bipods can have normally.

UTG did their homework as they knew hunters would enjoy this bipod. The bipod springs are pretty quiet when retracting, it almost self-levels due to gravity on the gun relative to the mounting position and the bipod detaches from the mounting point easily. Not having to lug around the entire 24 oz bipod when carrying the rifle is a huge plus. Just throw the bipod legs in the backpack. Depending on your scope the mount could get in the way of your sightline. The height will vary from 7” to 11”.

And it even has 22 degrees of panning and 44 degrees of tilt. It is on the higher end of the price. This is my favorite bipod just for its unique look and benefits.


If you are looking for a bipod that is the renaissance man of bipods, then stick with the Recon 360. This bipod with the Picatinny mount comes with the swivel stud bipod adapter. The Picatinny mount also offsets the bipod a bit forward. Or you can choose the M-LOK variant.

It comes in three height ranges: 5.5”-7”, 7”-9”, and 8”-12”. The tension adjustable panning allows you to finely tune your movement and this bipod has 360 degrees of movement. Hence the name. You can’t go wrong with this bipod.

It has precut heights in the legs or just use the thumbwheel for in-between heights. It can tilt 15 degrees forward, backward, left, and right. One minor critique is it would be nice if there were more folding positions but 3 is more than sufficient.

Only the Keymod enthusiasts miss out. Hopefully, they have Picatinny rails. For practicality, this bipod is the one to get and UTG listened to their consumers when designing it.


These are not the traditional bipods. These bipods from UTG mount at the 3 and 9 O’clock positions using Keymod or M-LOK mounting points that exist on the AR or rifle. The RECON FLEX Keymod and M-LOK versions come in height ranges of 5.7”-8” and 8”-11.8”.

This unique mounting point does take up a lot of real estate on AR handguards but gives the rifles a closer mount to the highest center height of the bipod.

That teetering phenomenon won’t occur. It also has 5 posi-lock positions for the bipod legs. This gives more versatility when deploying and storing on the move.

The smaller UTG Recon Flex models may not work well with all ARs at their lowest height setting. This would depend on the magazine used. Several composite rifles also have these 3 and 9 o’clock mounting points available already.

If you don’t have M-LOK or Keymod this is not going to be a viable bipod for you. There is also no panning with this bipod. These also come with pre-cut locking points for the leg extensions. This bipod improves on that shortcoming by allowing for In-between positions via the Thumbwheel which is a nice feature.


UTG  improved on their RECON FLEX model with this addition. This bipod only comes with M-LOK attachments. Keymod loyalists will, unfortunately, miss out.

And just like its predecessor, there is no panning with this bipod style. It has the same mounting style and 5 bidirectional Posi-lock leg positions.

The addition of automatic leg extension deployment, one-piece locking sliders for easy manipulation, and INTERCHANGEABLE FOOT PADS. Yes, you can change out the footpads.

This is great because there are a ton of aftermarket QD locking detent pads that will fit your needs. From rubber to steel spikes, the usability of this bipod increased significantly with this feature. Your typical weekend range shooter may not need this. But if this is for a rifle that is a range/hunting/do-it-all gun, a bipod that can adapt to you is extremely helpful.

UTG PRO TBNR 8.5” to 11” Picatinny and MLOK and 7” to 9

The TBNR bipod is the flagship of UTG PRO. It is American-made. Has a harder anodized coating as well as aluminum construction with steel reinforced components. This bipod will last you a while. It is at the top of the cost range for a reason.

UTG PRO took all of the great elements from the other bipods in UTG portfolio to create a professional-grade bipod. The bipod not only looks great but has 360-degree panning and 19-degree tilt tension.

It comes with interchangeable foot pads and two height ranges: 7”-9” and 8.5”-11”. My only complaints are the lack of a swivel stud adapter kit with the Picatinny model, the keyed leg extensions, and automatic retracting legs.

The auto retract feature is nice but when you are out in the field trying to adjust quickly, the legs could potentially retract while adjusting. The bipod would go well with any AR-15, AR-10, AK-47, or any tactical rifle. If you’re looking for the best bipod at $250 and under, then you’ll love this.

UTG D-Grip

Just for fun, the D-Grip from UTG is a hybrid. Almost every AR rifle has some sort of vertical grip. It helps with stability and recoil. But having a vertical grip and bipod seems a little over the top. With this… bipod… grip…bipod grip, you get the best of both.

It has a quick detach Picatinny mount, nonslip heat resistant rubberized inlays, and an ambidextrous quick release to deploy the bipod legs. The grip is 5.6″ long and has an 8.4″ center height with the bipod deployed.

Even with the 65-degree open-angle, this bipod will be susceptible to teetering. There is no panning but it’s much easier to move. You also can’t mount it too close to the magazine or the bipod legs will hit on deployment. But, for quick transitions from a kneeling shooting position to a prone position this bipod grip could find its place on any AR-15 or other variants.

So Many Choices

When shooting, your goal is to be consistent, and consistency leads to accuracy. With all of the variables that go into shooting, a bipod can help you in any shooting position. As you can see, UTG and UTG PRO bipods have you covered.

There is a bipod that fits every type of shooter and budget. These bipods can assist with accuracy without breaking the bank. Their ease of use and durability is some of the things I appreciate the most from UTG. Also, their Best Never Rest Lifetime Warranty is validation that they stand behind their products. Best of all, with the UTG PRO models, you’re buying an American-made product that will last.

One Last Tip

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