Howard Leight Vapor II Shooting Glasses

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Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Noise Cancelling Earmuff - AT3 Tactical

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Noise Cancelling Earmuff - Green


Easy Add for the Range Bag – Eye Protection from Howard Leight

Vapor Series safety eyewear has a sporty, metallic blue painted frame and is lightweight for all-day wear. It has 9-base wrap-around dual lenses and soft nose bridge.


  • ANSI Z87.1+ 2015
  • Tested by Honeywell to meet the requirements of the CSA Z94.3 standard

Polycarbonate Lens Coatings available in:

  • Uvextra Anti-Fog coating
  • Scratch-resistant hardcoat coating


  • Dual 9-base wrap-around lens design
  • Soft nose bridge for better comfort and fit
  • Lightweight frames


  • ANSI Z87.1+ 2015
  • Tested by Honeywell to meet the requirements of the CSA Z94.3 standard

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